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Welcome to the Encyclopedia Forcastia, an archive of information on the world of Forcastia.

Although the shelves are scarce today, our goal is to gather and present information about everything in this world: people, places, things, events, and concepts.

If this is your first time here, perhaps you should begin by reading about Forcastia itself. If you need assistance, ask the nearest salamander or come to me, the Chief Librarian. I hope you have an enlightening time here.

Books and articles in the library are categorized and sorted by what their subject matter is.
Species Database, Important People, Landmarks and Locations, Concepts and Philosophies, Stories and Projects
Number of Articles: 21
If you'd like, you can browse the Complete Archive.

The Salamanders are currently researching:
Person: Dragoon
Concept: Technomancy
Species: Charr

Our Researchers have recently come up with information about:
Person: Elena
Concept: Aura
Person: Prosecutor Lezarres

Forcastia is a fantasy world created by Stephen Gatten. This wiki was established for the purpose of writing ideas and concepts in an encapsulated, easy-to-browse place. Information or trivia that does not fit the scope of the world itself goes under a "Fourth Wall" tag. Fourth Wall tags normally document other novels, movies, or video games that certain aspects of the Forcastian world were based upon or inspired by.

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