Jacquer Lezarres

From Encyclopedia Forcastia

Name: Jacquer Lezarres
Common Name: Jacquer
Species: Forcastian Feline (Tigran)
Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney, Serpentslash jurisdictions

[edit] Overview

Jacquer Lezarres is a tigran feline from Catpurr, who came to Serpentslash to become a prosecuting attorney. He has a heavy Felinish accent and is a fan of old black and white movies and the film noir genre. He tends to be overdramatic at times, even going so far as to lose his temper during a trial. He is committed to putting criminals behind bars and feels that there is a certain nobility in his profession. Despite this devotion, he refuses to ever use forged evidence or testimonies in court.

He typically wears a tan-colored trench coat and fedora, and appears as if he had just stepped out of an old movie. He enjoys wine, and tends to have a glass or two even during trials. Although he can be a tenacious and ruthless rival to any defense attorney, he can be rather likeable outside the courtroom.

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