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Aura is a fundamental, physical force that surrounds each and every living creature on Forcastia. It is thought of as a form of life force.

A creature's aura contains information that distinguishes the creature from others. In non-sentient creatures this information is very basic, such as the creature's size, form, age, and behavior. The aura of sentient beings, such as Forcastians, tells much more about the creature, ranging from simple physical observations to deeper details such as the creature's personality, hopes, and dreams. Information kept in an aura is known as an aura signature. An aura signature is heavily encrypted in a method that is not understood. Diviners are the only creatures capable of reading an aura signature.

Aura is the chief power used in the Auric Arts. Aura can be depleted and become weaker through usage in this fashion. Although it can replenish itself if the creature rests, extreme usage can render the creature unconscious. If a creature's aura is ever depleted completely or somehow lost, the creature will die.

Aura comes in three variations - Light, Twilight, and Shadow. The standard type of aura is Twilight, which is what the majority of creatures have. Practitioners of certain technomancies or arcane arts have auras of either Light or Shadow. Light aura deals with restorative and healing powers; thus, healers and clerics have Light aura. Shadow aura deals with destructive and harmful powers. Aura alignment has traditionally been used to see whether a creature is good or evil, but this process is not foolproof. A creature with restorative powers can be evil, and a creature with destructive powers may be good. Twilight aura further complicates the matter, as creatures with this aura may sway toward either side. Also, aura alignment is dynamic - a creature's aura can become a different alignment if the creature uses their aura in a different way.

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