Forcastian Dragon

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Forcastian Dragons are a ruling race of Forcastia. They are strong, proud, and wise, and hail from the continent of Serpentslash.

Forcastian Dragons (referred to as "dragons" for the rest of this article for simplicity) are bipedal creatures and stand on two legs. Dragons can have two leg styles - Argoni, "long-leg", or Anthris, "flat-foot". They have four toes on each foot, and each toe has a pointed, claw-like nail at the end. Dragons have hand-like paws that have five fingers, one of which is an opposable thumb. Dragon tails range from thin, serpentine, and long to short and stout, perhaps even chubby. Shorter tails tend to be clumsier on account of their increased width.

Dragons have large, short snouts. Their eyes are rounded and of modest size, and are typically fairly bright. They are able to see in the darkness, although few dragons are talented in this. Dragons have spikes on their heads in varying amounts and lengths; this is the dragon equivilent to hair. Dragon ears are fin-like in appearance, and are much like miniature, simplified versions of their wings.

Dragon skin is called their "underskin" and is much like charr, salamander, or human skin. Covering the underskin is a layer of scales. Dragon scales are thin and flexible, functioning like a second skin. They do not grow in a single, unbroken sheet; scales grow in segments, and when viewed closely, a pattern can be made in the grooves between scales. Dragons shed their scales fairly regularly and grow new ones. Dragon scales are used in a variety of manufactured products, mostly in the fashion, textile, and armory industries.

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