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Name: Charrila
Common Name: Charrila
Species: Domestic Charr (Orange)

Charrila is a potionscharr and proprietor of a potion shop in Forester Square. She is stern and strict, and at times she seems cold and distant. She has a sense of humor and a fun-loving side, although her softer side never seems to reveal itself. She is overly competitive and has an intense rivalry with Zink, the keeper of a magic joke shop near Charrila's shop.

Although Charrila is a domestic charr, she was raised by mountain charrs in a village near Farheid Mountain. Because of this upbringing, Charrila has adopted an archaic pattern of speech and is fluent in the mountain charr language, Crenish. Charrila has a brother figure in a mountain charr named Carver who now resides in a cottage in the Great Forest.

Charrila has a history of keeping apprentices in her potion shop, but few have lived up to her standards. Her current apprentice is Bluey, who is faring better than Charrila's last three apprentices, although his frequent spillings and smashings of potions is not going unnoticed. Charrila does not have a house; she has a small office of sorts in the back of the potion shop that functions as her study and bedroom. After becoming her apprentice, Bluey has made it his goal to learn more about Charrila.

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