Kingdom Cum

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Kingdom cum is a story where you will play as a price or princess who is about to become a newly crowned King or Queen of their Kingdom. How will you use your newly found power? (Please check and update the Lore page as needed)

Dawn’s warming sensation wakes you from your slumber. As the merry song of Blue Jays call out for the start of a new day.

You wish they’d just shut up the hell up…

…They sing on.

In your head their muffled melody seems like it’s been magnified by about twenty times. Their normally pleasant tweeting, now sounds more like ballistae fire vibrating around your skull than a nice morning greeting.

Well it’s only to be expected that your poor noggin would be feeling particularly delicate after last night’s events. In fact it’s not only your head but rather your whole body that complains in protest to the dull ache that has infested itself into what seems like every living cell. All in all you’re feeling rather stiff; a morning characteristic that you normally have confined solely to the groin area.

Well if these birds aren’t going to shut up you might as well get up.

You open your eyes only to be blinded for a few seconds by the combined efforts of the sun’s light and in turn the renewed pain to your head that the light facilitates. Eventually however the pain dies down enough so that you can focus on your own reflection in the large ornate mirror mounted on the opposite wall.

What does the mirror’s reflection show?

A bruised slightly weedy but otherwise average looking guy

A hugely muscled and hung specimen of a man

A beautiful and incredibly busty young woman

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