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An ongoing page for Lore and backstory for Kingdom Cum.

The Eleven Noble Tribes: A group of tribal nomads, famed for their beautiful and fast horses, as well as skill in battle. Legend says that each of the eleven tribes was founded by a King or Queen who chose to leave their way of life, which may explain why many nobles across the land are quick to scoff and dismiss them, treating them as little more than barbarians.

Knights of the Sacred Flame: A holy order, entrusted throughout the kingdoms as protectors, advisors, and servants. They swear oaths of servitude and allegiance for life, as well as oaths of chastity. It is said that Karyuga, the Goddess of the Sacred Flame, blesses her chosen ones with intense love for their wards, so that they may never betray their obligations.

  • Crimson Temple: The home of the Knights of the Sacred Flame, where training and records are kept. The High Priest lives here. Legend says the Temple was built where the Goddess Karyuga first showed herself to mortals.

The Mage Lords: A legend about a group of powerful magic users that ruled the world together before their magic became their undoing, and robbed their sanity. Whether they actually existed is openly debated; as there is scant evidence.

The Maiden Queen: The ruler of the coastal kingdom, and the story of the Young Princess, so named because she never marries until she gives up her throne to her eldest daughter.

Maiden Tea: A drink that prevent the drinker from becoming pregnant or getting someone else pregnant. Typically reserved for the wealthy because of the ingredients required.

Northmen: a loose term for those originating from the Kingdoms in the far north. Bound by codes of honor and glory, they are constantly at war with each other. The Muscular Prince is a Northman as well.

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