A hugely muscled and hung specimen of a man

From Create Your Own Story

You glance past the mirror for a moment, drawing back the curtains for the large window in the room. There's no chance of going back to sleep with the birds singing, so you may as well embrace the beginning of the day.

The light shines into your room warmly, and particularly illuminates the large mirror: a trivial item by your concern, but a rare luxury for the plebians in your kingdom. You spend a few moments glancing over yourself in it. A paragon of the male physique if there ever was one, your soreness moving about from the physical and martial training regimens you put yourself through on a daily basis. You stretch in front of it to work out some of the pain. You take the time to count the blessings of your noble birth: your good health, steady diet, the servants that tend to you, and your enormous manhood. You smile at this last thought as you clasp your hand around your morning erection, giving it a gentle rub. About to take the throne yourself, you've had to restrain yourself from any unnecessary risks to the bloodline and your own succession.

Your hand immediately lets go as a loud banging sounds from the heavy door.

"Yes! Who is it?" You reply angrily. This early and you're already getting bombarded with too much noise.

Muriel, one of your servants

Agnes, your advisor

Your father, the King himself

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