A beautiful and incredibly busty young woman

From Create Your Own Story

You lean against the headboard of your gigantic bed, the many soft pillows supporting the small of your back. You grab a small brush as you look into the mirror as you try to put your fiery red hair into some semblance of order and dignity.

With it combed and pulled behind you, you continue to look into the mirror as you feel over the soft skin of your body, one of the many benefits of living this luxurious life. As your hands move across, they gravitate towards the parts of the body that make you feminine.

Your impressive chest has been the envy and lust of many, including many suitors from neighboring kingdoms that would undoubtedly seek to claim you as little more than a prize, just as they would claim your kingdom's land and resources. However, your kingdom is known as the land of the Maiden Queen. For countless generations the Queen has been unmarried until after she relinquishes the throne to her daughter. This has been a tradition, but never a requirement, and men come from all over the known world trying to be the one to woo the Queen. In trying to get a leg up on the competition, many of them have also sought you as well. Many have tried and will continue to do so, but none have ever succeeded in gaining the throne from your family.

You smile to yourself, noting that even in failure, it's been an amicable relationship for everyone. Your hands find a pleasurable rhythmic motion as you remember the eager though amateur artist who sought a portrait of you. He was much better with the brush in his legs than he was the one in his hands. For better or worse, the portrait was never completed. You will probably need to have one done shortly though, to mark today's occasion. Your mother is stepping down and getting married in one fell swoop, making today the day when you become the new Queen.

Your soft morning interlude is interrupted by a loud banging at the door.

You quickly bury yourself back into the bed as you reply to the door "Come in", in a loud but soft voice.

You put on a practiced smile while you wait to see who enters.

The Triplets, your younger brothers

Lars, your Knight and attendant

Your mother, the Queen

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