A bruised slightly weedy but otherwise average looking guy

From Create Your Own Story

You pull the soft white sheets back to reveal pale skin of almost the same color. Gaunt and lanky, you more closely resemble the appearance of the advisers and the wizards than a soldier or knight; something your father has been none too pleased of through most of your life. In a last ditch effort to put some form of meat and backbone into your life, he's demanded you be put back to your martial instructors. With your fathers recent passing, the drills have only increased, as a weak king is an invitation for invasion.

You stay in bed, stationary, to minimize the pain, hoping to get back to sleep. It's all moot point though, as within a few moments, someone is at the door. You put your morning vestments on and see who is at the door

Grymyr, the wizard

The Queen, your mother

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