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Story Number of Pages Note
Demigod Choose Your Own Adventure 0 (Do Not Edit) The Abandoned Story 306 ←Currently Featured! (Public) If you want to edit, see discussion page & talk to me
Abigail's Tale 29 (Do Not Edit)
Across the 7 seas 2 (Public)
An Adventure... 71 (Public)
Adventure For the Pencil 5 (Public)
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 25 (Do Not Edit)
Afraid of the Dark (horror) 58 (Public)
WillowWakeBeta (WIP) 1 animation: example 5s linear 2s infinite alternate; (Private)
Another Story Of Another Random Person 142 (Public)
BauBaus! (for critter lovers and trainers alike!) 22 (Public)
Blade Quest 8 (Public)
Bus Troubles 23 (Public)
Calloway Adventure 17 (Public)
Carnival 25 (Public)
Chocolate Man 25 (Public)
Create Your Own Adventure Adventure 0 (Don't go loco and keep the pages long.) Special:Longpages
Christmas Time 16 (Do Not Edit)
Crazy Rich 1 (Do Not Edit) You play the role of a kid from a crazy rich family.
The Crimes which FAIL 0 (Public), but no non-crime options except for Kill yourself
The Curse Of The Amazon 2 (Public) DO NOT GO CRAZY! There is a difference between funny and demented. If you want to edit, ask me in the discussion. =)
Darkness and Dreams (confronting destruction) 5 What do you know of darkness within your own heart, are you strong enough to confront it? no edits of storyline please
Demigod Adventures 1 (Public) - Please edit! Play as a demigod from many religions.
Discovering your path 1 (Public)
Divorce 13 (Do Not Edit)
Drama Kids! 2 (Public)
E's Tutorial 4 (Private)
Earthbound CYOA Bundle 3 (Public)
Everything Is Awesome 3 (Public) (all are welcome, keep it G)
the get away 14 (Public)
A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie 52 (Public)
Gloshtkhin's Story 0 (Do Not Edit)
The Golden Banana 20 (Public)
Goosebumps in Horrorland 78 (Public)
Greek Heroes 22 You play the roll of an aspiring Greek hero. (Do Not Edit)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 36 (finish for me, expand the pages, Most are vague.)
Harry Potter And the Adventure Created by You 233 (Public)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 35 (Public)
horror on the subway 14 (Do Not Edit)
The incredible life of an amnesiac person W.I.P (Private)
The Adventure W.I.P (Private)
Jake vs the Mayor of Dragon Valley 19 (Public)
star wars: a new legacy 0 (Public)
Star Wars: The Jedi Order (W.I.P) 0 (Do Not Edit) A tale of a jedi against all odds, in the middle of the transition between the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War.
Johnny alternative 8 (Do Not Edit)
Kalew 72 (Public)
The Kitty in the Window 2 (Public)
Life as a cop 3 (Public)
Life of a pokemon 10 (Public)
The Life of a Wolf 65 (Do Not Edit)
Limerick 8 (Public) (Use only Limericks)
中國短篇小說 7 (Public) (Public, I guess, but, this is more of a learning tool, so, if you are going to help with it, please make sure you know Chinese well enough.)
Lost on a Cliff 11 (Public)
Madman's Mansion 67 (Public)
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga 35 (Public)
Mayday 15 (Public)
My Crazy Ranch 18 (Public)
My Little Pony Adventure 1 (Public)
Newspaper Delivery 23 (Public)
New England Patriots: Will Tom Brady Repeat Or Suffer A Disappointing Defeat? 0 (Do Not Edit) IT IS CURRENTLY IN WORKING ORDER. AND DO NOT QUESTION THIS!!!
The Best Day of My Life 0 (Private)
The Oak Street Story 8 (Private)
Penguins (The Frozen Adventure) 20 (Public)
Penguins (just click "Three times a day") 0 (Public)
Percy Jackson: The adventures of a demigod 66 (Public)
Philosophy World 28 (Public)
Pokémon: Your own adventure 337 (Public) (Started)
Pokemon GO 0 (Public)
Pokemon - Your Own Adventure 14 (Public) (Under Construction)
Princess Carkegee 20 (Public)
The Quest: A Story Starring YOU! 7 (Public) This Story Is Unique Because It's A Bunch Of Stories In One, Not Just One Story.
A Random Day 47 (Public)
Random Fantasy Quest 4 (Public)
Revisiting the Sneetches 13 (Public)
School's only 4 some people! 24 (Public)
The secrets of SECRETPAGE 35 (Public)
sewer wars 11 (Public)
Short and Funny. 0 (Public)
Snowboarding at the slope 19 (Public)
Spacewars with GDS 20 (Public)
Spiral Hill 17 (Do Not Edit)
Spongebobs Adventures 6 (Public)
Squint 4 (Public) A story about a dystopian future.
Star Wars: The Adventure With You! 5 (Private)
Star Wars: Your Adventure 0 (Private)
Stealing Marathon 19 (Public)
Stranded 3 (Public)
TEST 0 (Do Not Edit)
testing... 2 (Public)
The Story 11 (Do Not Edit)
The Time Machine 23 (Public)
The Veil of History 7 (Do Not Edit)
Time Vortex 22 (Public)
Transformers: War Between Two Worlds 10 (Do Not Edit)
Tutorial 18 (Begun 10/28/09. If you have any wisdom to impart, please add to the story.)
The Great Adventure of Kobe 0 (Do Not Edit)
Visiting the Zoo 163 (Public)
Weirdest Vacation Ever 4 (Do Not Edit)
White Rooms 0 (Do Not Edit)
You Gotta Read This 12 (Public)
You Vs. Narrator 0 (Public)
Your Story, Your Adventure 5 This is a book of books. Please read the rules for editing.
Your Pokémon Adventure 0 (Public)
The world of Alex 0 (Do Not Edit)
Saving Christmas 0 (Public)
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