From Create Your Own Story

You wipe the sweat off your brow. So close, but so far. For years, you've dreamed of writing a Create Your Own Adventure story, or at least editing an existing one. You found the Lost Temple of Adventures, but alas! You had not the wisdom to pass through its gates!

You have journeyed far and wide for such knowledge, and you think you might have found it here, in the Tomb of the Unknown Author. Many confusing syntaxes and wiki edits have blocked your way, and you've nearly met your demise more than once.

You've passed the final trap, and the treasure lies illuminated on a pedestal: A tarnished and rather anticlimactic lamp . Wary of another trap, you advance slowly. Just in case there's a pressure sensor, you switch the lamp out for a bag of sand.

Your fingers rub against the lamp , and it starts to shake and turn a funny blue/green color. Smoke billows out of it. The smoke condenses and becomes a genie with a colorful vest and a full mustache.

"Who has freed me?" he bellows.

"Me," you answer.

He scrutinizes you. "So you wish to learn the powers of Adventure editing? Very well. Where shall we start? If you're entirely new to wiki editing, you should start with 'How to create a page'. If you know how to do that, start with 'Basic page format.'"

He looks at you closer. "Have I seen you before? If you need a refresher on a specific topic, why don't you click the category below and tell me exactly what you want to learn about."

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