How to create a page

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The genie scratches his goatee. "How to create a page, eh? If you're starting a new story, you need to go to the Main Page, and then go to the section your story will be under. Click on All Family-Friendly Stories, All PG-13 Stories, All Mature Stories, or All Adult Stories. Once you're on the sub-page for the story type you want to write, select the 'Edit' button on the top, right hand side."

He continues, "Put your story title in brackets like this:

|[[ Your story]]|| 0 || public or private

"Feel free to copy that line of text if you'd like. The vertical bars can be created using shift-backslash, if you've never done it before. The page number is important, too. Some like to use 'W.I.P' or 'Under construction' for new stories, though. It's your call." He shrugs. "You should also mention in the side notes whether or not you welcome others to write with you or whether you would prefer to write it all by yourself."

"Once you save your edits, your story will be represented with a red link. Click on it to edit the story's first page. When you want to create options for your story, use brackets like these


to create new links. You ready to move on to page format?"

"Hm..." you say, "Yes, I think so."

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