Madman's Mansion

From Create Your Own Story

You shiver. You are at the food court inside the mall, just by the beach. You could see outside the window the huge black cloud hanging low over the sea. A few minutes ago, you have been swimming and playing under the hot sun.

"It's going to rain," you say, as the air gets colder. "Hurry up and finish eating!"

Kwan pushes away his bowl of porridge. He is your younger brother, always arguing with everyone constantly.

"I don't want to go home," he moans. "There's nothing to do."

Kwan looks like you, only you are twelve and he's ten, and you are skinny and he isn't.

Your little sister Charmaine pulls a face. She is chewing on a prata.

"There is!" she says. "My new computer game."

Charmaine is nine. She looks more like Mum, with big eyes and long hair. Everyone says how pretty she is.

"Stop fighting," You tell them. That's the trouble with being the eldest. Mum and Dad keep making you responsible for the others. "Let's go!"

You lead the way to where your bikes are leaning, on the fence not far from the mall. The three of you pack your towels and swimming costumes into your baskets.

"It will take us twenty minutes to ride home," you calculate. "I hope we can beat that storm."

"Leng, let's take the short cut!"

Kwan points to a track which leads into the trees behind the beach. It isn't really a jungle, just a lot of trees and bushes on a small hill. And you know the main road is on the other side.

"You're not allowed!" Charmaine protests.

"Who said?!" demands Kwan.

You try and make peace. You are the older brother, you are going to have to make the decision to pick one of their ideas.

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