Harry Potter

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Harry, Harry Potter. You are ten years old and live with your Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. And then there’s your cousin, Dudley. He picks on you every day, to no end. You're forced to live with them because they're your only blood relatives left alive. Lily and James Potter, your parents, died in a fatal car crash about nine years ago. As told by your cousins anyway. Also, you’re forced to sleep in a large cupboard under the staircase because Dudley uses the second guest bedroom for all of his junk. It’s very uncomfortable and full of spiders. They make you do all of the house keeping and cooking around the house, while Dudley plays video games and has fun with his friends.

Suddenly, you hear a loud banging on your door, and you hear a shrill voice screaming, "Up! Up! Get up! Right now!" Aunt Petunia wants you to get up to make breakfast, do you...

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