Jason G

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"Prime Time" Jason G
Ring name Prime Time
Height 6'1"
Weight 260 lbs.O
Hometown Woodbridge, Va
Resides Baltimore, Maryland
Debut November 2, 2008

Jason Garrett, also known as "Prime Time" Jason G is an American backyard wrestler competing in Baltimore's Elite Wrestling Alliance. From Woodbridge, Virginia he began his Maryland backyard wrestling career on November 2nd 2008 at Maryland Underground Wrestling's(MUW) fall main event show called Resurrection. He was one of the original members of Baltimore's Elite Wrestling Alliance(BEWA) after the infamous backyard wrestling split in November 2008. In January 2010 he debuted in Xtreme Maryland Wrestling(XMW) and wrestled for both promotions. He has held the BEWA World Heavyweight Title, the BEWA Title, the BEWA World Tag Team Titles, The BEWA United States Title(3 times) as well as the 2009 BEWA Golden Rights Clock, The XMW United States Title, The XMW Hardcore Title, The XMW Virginia Title and The XMW Title. In January 2011 The XMW and the BEWA merged.



Maryland Underground Wrestling debut (November 2008)

"Prime Time" Jason G made his backyard wrestling debut on November 2nd 2008 at MUW's fall main event show Resurrection in a one on one contest against The Kid. He won by pulling the Kid's tights for leverage making his mark as a heel. In his 2nd and final MUW match, he lost in a shot at the MUW International title against Johnny Monroe

Early BEWA (February 2009 - May 2009)

In late November of 2008 after a dispute with MUW owner Kris Kraven, Chris Bomber and 13 former MUW wrestlers broke away and founded Baltimore's Elite Wrestling Alliance(BEWA). Without a ring, mats or a steady venue, the BEWA had its first show Warfare February 2009, in a muddy field in Patterson Park, Baltimore. This is where Jason G became the first singles champion in the company, defeating "The Bad Boy" Ronald Scott, Eric Haze, and Johnny Monroe for the United States Championship in a Fatal Four-way match in which he made Haze tap out to his submission finisher The Leaf(High Angle Texas Cloverleaf).

In March of 2009 Jason G teamed up with then World Heavyweight Champion Rolland Havick and then Tag Team champions Hired Muscle(Johnny Monroe and Mickey Campo) to form the powerhouse stable known as One Law. In his first shot at the World Heavyweight title, Jason laid down to let stable leader Rolland Havick retain his World Title, much to the chagrin of Bomber and then number 1 contender Josh Dreamer.

At the BEWA's biggest show of the year Legacy, Jason G lost the United States title against to Double D Derrick Dalton after being low blowed behind the referee's back. Later that night however Jason won an 8-man over the top rope battle royal for the coveted Golden Rights Clock. His glory, however, was cut short, after the match he was pummeled by the Takeover.

Golden Clock Era (May 2009 - October 2009)

At Battleground in June 2009, Prime Time walked out on his fellow stable members during the main event Battleground Match stating that he had the Golden Rights Clock and thats all he needed. At Chaos in June 2009 Prime Time defeated BEWA newcomer Samuel Masters gaining much needed momentum for his Scars and Stripes match. At Scars and Stripes in July of 2009 Prime Time was forced to put the Golden Rights Clock on the line against former One Law leader Rolland Havick . He was successful in his defense by countering Havick's finisher, the Verdict, with his own, the Side Effect. While in possession of the Clock he was forced to put it on the line twice more once against Ray Black at Warfare in September 2009, and once again against Dragon Demon at Ascension in October 2009. That same night Prime Time cashed in his Golden Rights Clock against newly crowned World Champion Chris Bomber, and won his first ever World title.

Prime Time just minutes after winning the BEWA World Heavyweight Championship.

"It's My Time" (October 2009 - February 2010)

Prime Time held the World Heavyweight title through the end of the season, defending the championship against Dragon Demon (later revealed to be Kris Kraven) at Damnation in Early November 2009, and again against J Slash at the final show of the year Fatal Finale. At Opening Day 2010 in January 2010 Prime time had an opportunity for his third US title run when Klown no-showed at the event and he was put in a Triple Threat match for the US title against Twitch Graves and J Slash, but was unable to capture the title because J Slash hit Twitch with the Slash-KO and won the match. At Vicious Valentine II, Prime Time lost the World Heavyweight title to Jacob Practice in a Triple Threat match that also included LCW member Spider.

Down but not out (February 2010 - July 2010)

After losing in the Brawl for all match, and a disappointing loss to Lonewolf a small beam of light shined on Prime Time when he was awarded a spot in the golden rights match for the precious Golden Rights Clock in the Everybody Wins match at Hell on Earth in April 2010. Another bright spot came on Chaos in April 2010 when the makeshift team of Prime Time and Kris Kraven beat the Dark Siders (Dirty G and Loco) for the vacated Tag Team titles. In doing this Prime Time also became a Triple Crown Champion. Jason G lost in the Golden Rights match after being knocked off a ladder by the man who won Twitch Graves Prime Time and Kraven were able to defend the Tag titles at Legacy II in May 2010, but due to personal reasons, Prime Time was a no-show for the next month ultimately leading to the Tag titles being stripped from them on June 13th 2010 and renewing the long-time fued between the two. In a rematch for the Tag Team titles Jason walked out on his partner Kraven leaving him to be beaten down at the hands of Team Awesome. At Chaos in July 2010 the feud came to an end when Prime Time beat Kraven in an Eclipse Match qualifier.

The 3 Time, 3 Time, 3 Time United States Champion (August 2010 - October 2010)

At Eclipse 2010 Prime Time became the first man in the BEWA to hold any title 3 times by eliminating Josh Dreamer, who was the defending United States Champion, in the Eclipse match. This accomplishment meant he was the first to hold the United States title, the first man to hold it twice and the only man to hold it 3 times. He successfully defended the United States title against Ronald Scott and Kris Kraven in a Triple Threat match at Road to Madness II in September 2010 and against Ronald Scott in a singles match at Chaos in September 2010. His reign, however, was cut short when he was defeated by The Kid at Ascension II in October 2010.

"You're a Fuckin Face" (October 2010 - November 2010)

At Chaos in October 2010 Prime Time was scheduled to team up with J Slash against Jinx and Mr. XNC for number 1 contender for the Tag Team titles, but due to J Slash no-showing, Jason G teamed up with BEWA owner Chris Bomber. Decked out in a Baltimore Raven's Jersey and using the new Ravens fight song as his new entrance, Prime Time gained the favor of the crowd becoming a face. He and Bomber won the match to win a shot at the Tag Team titles at Damnation II on Halloween 2010. Unfortunatly even being teamed up with J Slash, they lost to Markice Ruen and Ray Black for the Tag Team Titles at Damnation II. At the Road to Fatal Finale, with Chris Bomber and J Slash in his corner, Jason was going one on one with DT Grey. Both men were the top champions at Fatal Finale I in 2009. While Jason was setting DT up for the Side Effect, Mr. XNC jumped onto the apron distracting him and giving DT a chance to recover and lock Jason in his painful knee-lock submission. Prime Time had no choice but to tap out leaving his future at Fatal Finale II, the final show of the 2010 season, uncertain.

Birth of the Triad (November 2010 - January 2011)

At Fatal Finale, the final BEWA show of the 2010 season, Prime Time Jason G shocked the backyard wrestling world. During the BEWA ownership match between then BEWA owner Chris Bomber and the Twisted one Twitch Mr. XNC was the special guest referee after DT Gray and he defeated Prime Time and J Slash. Mr. XNC refused to count a pin fall for Bomber and he tried to walk out of the arena when he was stopped by Prime Time. Prime Time knocked out Mr. XNC and took the referee shirt and entered the ring. Chris Bomber went for the pin, Prime Time counted 1...2...then flipped Bomber the bird, hit him with the Side Effect and put Twitch on top of Bomber for the win. After the match Prime Time Jason G, DT Gray, and Twitch announced that they had planned this all along and with the defeat of Chris Bomber, these three men, now called the Triad, were now in control of the BEWA. Birth of the Triad

Reign of the Triad (January 2011 - June 2011)

At Opening Day 2011 Prime Time and the rest of the Triad once again shocked the BEWA when they announced that at Vicious Valentines 3 in February, Rolland Havick will be forced to put both of the BEWA's top titles on the line against Triad members DT Gray and Jason G. Eric Haze was tossed in the mix after the Triad(DT Gray and Jason G) was unable to beat the Prodigy(Havick and Haze) in a tag match during the main event of Opening Day. But the shocks just kept on coming, After the Fist City Saints lost to LCW in a six-man tag match their BEWA contracts were to have been voided, however when the Triad came out to seemingly fire the remaining Saints, it was revealed that the Triad and the Fist City Saints were in cahoots.

At Vicious Valentines 3 in February DT Grey and Prime Time were supposed to face the team of Rolland Havick and Eric Haze, but the Triad had Eric Haze taken out of the picture earlier in the week. During the main event match while the ref was distracted Chris Bomber attacked Prime Time helping Havick defend his titles, however, wielding her new power after joining the Triad earlier in the night, Violet ordered the match restarted and DT and Prime Time together beat down and defeated Rolland Havick. In doing this Prime Time became a Grand Slam Champion, and the second man to win both top BEWA Championships.

On Warfare in February, Jason G set up a "mini-Brawl 4 All" to determine who he would defend the BEWA Championship against at Brawl 4 All 3 2 weeks later. Despite the best efforts of the Triad, Ronald Scott defeated the Warfare roster to become number 1 contender. Instead of congratulating him, Jason proceeded to beat down on the already battle ridden Scott. Bomber showed up to stop the brutal attack, but Jason forced him to act as referee and told him he was giving Ronald his title shot now. But when the bell rung, Ronald Scott rolled Jason up and pinned him winning the BEWA Championship for the second time. At Brawl 4 All 3, Jason G had his rematch against Ronald Scott for the BEWA Championship but was unable to beat the champ and was forced to tap out to the Figure 4. Later that night Prime Time beat up Matt Masterson backstage so that he could take the number 30 spot in the Brawl 4 All match. In the match he eliminated both Rocky Phoenix and Mr. XNC, he made it all the way to the final 4. Bomber, Riggs, Havick, and Prime Time remained when Bomber looked at Prime Time, looked at the US Title, then eliminated himself to win the US title that was to be awarded to whoever took Bomber out of the match. Shocked and angered Prime Time was distracted and was eliminated from the match by Riggs and Havick. Riggs then beat Havick and won the 2011 Brawl 4 All match.

On Warfare in March 2011 Artamis Riggs was making his announcement that at Legacy he would challenge for the BEWA Championship. His spotlight was cut short by DT Gray and Violet of the Triad. Jason G was late to the show due to airport traffic, so in his place DT challenged and announced his opponent at Hell on Earth II would be the Triad's mercenary Reaper. On Chaos DT Gray faced off against XMW champion Mr. XNC, however the match was just a ploy to soften up Mr. XNC as it was revealed that at Hell on Earth II Mr. XNC would defend his XMW title against Prime Time Jason G. At Hell on Earth in April 2011 an old rivalry began to rear it's head once again. The Triad felt that one stable was growing too powerful, with the addition of Rocky Phoenix and J Slash winning the Hardcore Hell tournament, the Prodigy needed to be put down. A promo being cut by the Prodigy was interrupted by Jason G and the Triad who then ordered AOD and Reaper to dismantle the Prodigy. Infuriated with Jason G's actions Havick made an appearance in Jason G's XMW title match giving him a Verdict on the concrete causing him to loose the match. Jason G then did what most people called the most despicable act in BEWA history. During the Hardcore match between Violet and Sapphire Havick Jason G did the unthinkable and Knocked out Sapphire Havick with a punch to the face. Seconds later Rolland Havick sprinted towards Jason G who then left the arena in a hurry. At Warfare in April 2011 a Tag Team match was set to take place Havick and J Slash the Prodigy to face off against DT Gray and Jason G of the Triad. As the Prodigy made their entrance The Triad mercilessly beat down Havick with a chain and a pipe. But even with Havick out of the match Mr. Versatile J Slash fought on and was able to last until Havick recovered. Once again Havick made a b- line for Jason G and chased him out of the arena. This distracted DT Gray just long enough for J Slash to pick up the victory. Everything between Havick and Jason G culminated in a Street Fight between the two men at the BEWA's biggest show Legacy 3. After over thirty minutes having been slammed through a trash can, bounced off guard rails, and countless other horrific moves Chris Bomber offered Jason G mercy. Bomber shoved a piece of paper in front of Jason G saying that if he signed it he would make sure Havick ended the match. Without thinking Jason G signed the paper. Havick then did end the match, by driving Jason through a table for the. victory. After the match Violet hit the ring livid asking Bomber what Jason G had just signed.  Bomber then announced that he had just turned 100% ownership of the BEWA to Chris Bomber. Angry Violet slapped the once again owner of the company who then proceeded to give Violet a Gutwrench Powerbomb. At Battleground 2011 Bomber thought it would be fun to pit two members of the Triad against each other to open the show. DT Gray and Jason G were set to go one on one when Violet interrupted. She asked why they were letting Bomber do this and drive them apart. Both DT and Jason. Blamed each other for losing the company. DT blamed Jason for losing the street fight and signing back the company to Bomber, Jason blamed DT for not being there to help in the match stating it was a no DQ match and it would have saved him. DT said he was in the back preparing for his World Title match to which Jason reminded him that he lost the title to J Slash. The two men stood face to face ready for war and Violet td them to go ahead and get it out of their system so they could concentrate on getting the company back. In the end Jason G came out on top, but it was obvious DT was more than a little upset when he slapped away Jason G's handshake. Later on that night Jason had an opportunity to win his fourth US championship, but just when Jason G had the match won DT came out and distracted him costing him the match. The two men nearly killed each other in a backstage brawl. After this Jason G declared the Triad dissolved and said he would find his own way to the top.

A New Breed of Xcellence (June 2011 - October 2011)

On Chaos in June 2011 former Triad members DT Gray and Prime Time were once again ordered by Chris Bimber to open the show, this time a spot in the 2nd wind match, a BEWA title opportunity, was on the line. Once again Prime Time came out on top proving once and for all he was done with the Triad. Later on that same night the XMW owner and League of Xcellence member Derrick Dalton made a shocking announcement, since Eric Haze, who later was found out to have been hospitalized by Jason G, was out of action a new XMW Champion was to be crowned. He announced that the new XMW champion and newest member of the league of Xcellence was none other than Prime Time Jason G. Due to interference and general tomfoolery, Prime Time was not able to win the second wind match at Scars and Stripes in July 2011. At Warfare two weeks later Jason G showed his greatness when he defeated Derrick Dalton, pretending to be Mack Daniels, with the infamous finger poke of doom. Jason G was set to defend the XMW title against Mr. XNC a match that would take place at XMW anniversary show, the first XMW show in over 7 months but first they needed a stipulation. At Eclipse in August 2011 they faced off I a match where the winner determined the stipulation for the match at XMW anniversary. XNC was able to upset Jason G in the match and at the XMW anniversary in a ladder match winning the XMW title. At Road to Madness in September 2011 Jason G had another opportunity for gold in a 6 man battle royal for a top title shot, but even with the League in tow he was bested by Ray Black. Two weeks later on Chaos former League member Jinx was set to be taught lesson by Jason G after a grueling match the League and Jason beat Jinx down showing everyone that you don't cross the League of Xcellence. At Ascention 3 in October 2011 Jason G and Dalton teamed up to compete in a gauntlet match for the BEWA Tag Team Titles. After a poor showing and easy defeat of Derrick Dalton, Prime Time's faith in the League was shaken. Later on that night when Elric was defending the XMW title against Jinx, Prime Time did exectly what Jinx had done a few weeks prior, he walked out on the League costing Elric the XMW title in the process.

Better Than Me? (November 2011 - )

On Warfare in October Jason G teamed up with rookie newcomer Michael "Darkstar" James to face the League in a tournament for the Tag Titles. Little did Jason know it was just a ploy to screw him. Near the end of the match James refused a tag causing Jason G to lose and then be subjected to a humiliating beat down at the hands of the League of Xcellence. This lead to a confrontation between Dalton and Prime Time at Damnation 3 in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Unfortunately for Jason G the Leagues numbers were too much for him and Dalton was able to pick up the victory. Finally at the Road to Fatal Finale Jason G was granted a match with League of Xcellence ring leader Elric. Jason G desimated Elric for over ten minutes and just when he was about to pin Elric the League attacked Jason won the match but again was being beat down by the League. That was until Better Than You member Samuel Masters came to the ring and cleaned house. Masters helped Prime Time to his feet extended his hand seemingly welcoming him into Better Than You only to low blow him and deliver the Masterstroke. Masters went on to challenge Jason G to a match at Fatal Finale 3 because even with all his accolades he had never beaten Prime Time Jason G. At Fatal Finale 3 in November 2011 Masters did just that. In a spectacular match Sam Masters got the better of Prime Time and won. After the match while Better Than You celebrated Jason G exploded attacking and demolishing all three members. Prime Time made a vow right then and there to Main Event Legacy 4 and not lose a match until then.

Unfortunately for Prime Time he was unable to keep his vow when at BEWA Opening Day 2012 he was screwed out of a BEWA Title opportunity by Marcus Ruen. Jason had the match all but won when Ruen low blowed him while the ref wasn't looking pulled his tights and put his feet on the ropes to win. At Vicious Valentines IV in February 2012 Jason G was scheduled to face Matt Armada but due to unknown reasons Armada was a no show. While he was in the ring the lights went out and seconds later out of the darkness came Nightmare and Psycho. Chris Bomber announced that the match would now be a tag match and asked if anyone from the locker room would be Prime Time's partner. The man to answer the call was non other than the reigning BEWA Champion Eric Spade. The impromptu duo beat Nightmare and Psycho after Prime Time came in off a blind tag to break up the Doomsday Device and hit Psycho with the Side Effect for the pin. After the match Spade and Jason shook hands and told each other they would see each other at Legacy IV. Prime Time then declared that he was going to win the Brawl 4 All match in 4 weeks and challenge for the BEWA Title at Legacy IV. At the March edition of Chaos Prime Time defeated DT Gray to keep his momentum going into the Brawl for all. Finally the Brawl for All came and despite being entered at #1 he lasted over 61 minutes defeating Elric to win the 2012 Brawl for All guaranteeing a main event match at Legacy IV. At Hell on Earth 3 in April Prime Time beat Elric in a match to keep Elric out of the Main Event at Legacy. Finally under the bright lights of Legacy 4 in the main event, after surviving a near broken arm, Prime Time defeated the World Champion Blackhawk to become a two time World Champion.

BEWA Career

Overall Record - 31-46
Singles Record - 20-19
Clean Wins - 22
Dirty Wins - 6
Clean Losses - 31
Dirty Losses - 13
Titles Held - United States Title. Won on 2/1/09, Lost on 3/15/09
United States Title. Won on 4/19/09, Lost on 5/17/09
2009 Golden Rights Winner - 5/17/09
World Heavyweight Title. Won on 10/4/09. Lost on 2/14/10.
Tag Team Titles, With Kris Kraven. Won on 4/25/10. Stripped on 6/13/10.
United States Title. Won on 8/8/10. Lost on 10/3/10.
BEWA Title, won on 2/5/11. Lost on 2/26/11
XMW Title, awarded 6/25/11. Lost on 8/20/11*.
2012 Brawl For All winner- 3/17/12.
World Heavyweight Title. Won on 5/12/12.

2/1/09 - Beat Jonny Monroe, Ronald Scott & Erik Haze to win the U.S. Title. Jason G made Erik Haze tap out.Watch!
2/15/09 - Beat Outlaw clean to retain the U.S. Title.Watch!
2/15/09 - Lost in the Hardcore Championship Scramble.
3/1/09 - Lost to Shadow dirty when Project Chaos interfered.Watch!
3/15/09 - Lost the United States Title to Erik Haze clean.Watch!
3/15/09 - Lost in the 2009 Brawl For All Match.
3/29/09 - Beat Double D dirty. Watch!
3/29/09 - Lost to Rolland Havick by the finger poke of doom.Watch!
4/5/09 - Lost the Hardcore Invitational.Watch!
4/19/09 - Won the U.S. Title by beating Erik Haze clean.Watch!
4/19/09 - Lost the X-Treme Tornado Tag Match for the Tag Team Titles.
5/17/09 - Lost the U.S. Title by losing to Double D dirty (low blow)
5/17/09 - Won the Golden Rights MatchWatch!
5/31/09 - Lost the Battle Royal to crown the first ever BEWA Champion.
6/14/09 - Lost the Battleground Match.
6/28/09 - Beat Samuel Masters clean. Watch!
7/12/09 - Beat Rolland Havick clean to retain possession of the Golden Rights Clock. Watch!
7/26/09 - Lost to The Kid clean.Watch!
8/23/09 - Lost to Slash in an Ascension Tournament 1st Round Match after Mickey Campo distracted him.Watch!
9/6/09 - Lost a 15 Minute U.S. Title scramble against Ryan Stevens, Derrick Dalton, Josh Dreamer & Blackhawk.Watch!
9/20/09 - Won a Golden Rights threatening Match over Ray Black when Slash and Spider attacked Black.
10/4/09 - Beat Dragon Demon clean in a Golden Rights Threatening Match.Watch!
10/4/09 - Cashed in the Golden Rights Clock, then beat Chris Bomber clean to win the World Heavyweight Title.
11/1/09 - Beat Dragon Demon clean to retain the World Heavyweight Title.Watch!
11/15/09 - Lost to The Franchise & J.Slash by DQ with D.T. Gray after Takeover attacked The Franchise.Watch!
11/29/09 - Beat J.Slash clean to defend the World Heavyweight Title.
1/31/10 - Lost to J.Slash clean with Twitch in a United States Title Match.Watch!
2/14/10 - Lost the World Heavyweight Title to Jacob Practice clean in a match with Spider.
2/28/10 - Lost to Rolland Havick & H.I.V. with Spider.Watch!
3/14/10 - Lost in the Brawl For All Match
3/28/10 - Lost to Lonewolf clean.Watch!
4/11/10 - Won the Everybody Wins Match!Watch! Watch!
4/25/10 - Won the Tag Team Titles clean with Kraven against The Darksiders when Kraven pinned Dirty G.Watch!
5/16/10- Won a Tag Team Title match with Kraven against Team Awesome when Kraven pinned Eric Spade.Watch!
5/16/10- Lost the 2010 Golden Rights match.Watch!
7/11/10 - Lost to Ryan Stevens & Eric Spade clean with Kris Kraven in a Tag Team Title Match.Watch!
7/25/10 - Beat Kris Kraven clean in an Eclipse Match Qualifier.Watch!
8/8/10- Lost the 2010 Eclipse Match. Won the United States Title by beating Josh Dreamer.Watch! Watch!
8/22/10 - Lost to Ronald Scott in an Ascension Tournament 1st Round Match after Ronald used to ropes to pin him.Watch!
9/5/10- Won a Triple Threat US Title Match against Kraven and Ronald Scott.Watch!
9/19/10 - Beat Ronald Scott by DQ to defend the United States Title
10/3/10- Lost the United States Title to The Kid clean.
10/17/10- Beat Mr. XNC and Jinx with Chris Bomber in a Tag Team #1 contenders match.Watch!
10/31/10- Lost to Markice Ruen and Ray Black with J Slash in a Hardcore Tornado Tag Team Title match.Watch!
11/14/10- Lost to DT Grey when Mr. XNC distracted him.Watch! 
11/28/10 - Lost to Ryan Stevens clean in a United States Title match.Watch!
11/28/10- Lost to Mr. XNC and DT Gray with J Slash.Watch!Watch!Watch!
1/29/11- Lost to Rolland Havick and Eric Haze with DT Gray
2/5/11- Beat Rolland Havick in a Handicap match with DT Grey for the BEWA Championship
2/26/11- Lost to Ronald Scott in a BEWA Championship match
3/12/11- Lost to Ronald Scott in a BEWA Championship match
3/12/11- Lost in the 2011 Brawl for all match
3/26/11- Lost to Artamis RiggsWatch!Watch!
4/9/11 - Lost to Mr. XNC dirty in a Last Man Standing Match for the XMW Championship after Rolland Havick attacked him.Watch!Watch!Watch!
4/30/11 - Lost to J.Slash & Rolland Havick clean with DT Gray.Watch!Watch!
5/14/11 - Lost to Rolland Havick in a street fight. Watch!Watch!Watch!
6/11/11 - Beat D.T. Gray clean.Watch!Watch! 
6/11/11 - Lost in the Blackhawk Open for the United States Title.
6/25/11 - Beat D.T. Gray clean to qualify for the 2nd Wind Match. 
7/9/11 - Lost to Rocky Phoenix in the 2nd Wind match with Eric Spade & Markice Ruen.Watch!
7/23/11 - Beat Derrick Dalton to defend the XMW Championship after Derrick laid down. 
8/6/11 - Lost to Mr. XNC clean. 
9/3/11 - Lost a 6 man battle royal to Ray Black with D.T. Gray, The Kid, Buffler & DJ Carter.Watch!
9/17/11 - Lost to Jinx by DQ after the League of Xcellence attacked Jinx.Watch!
10/1/11 - Lost to Flatline and Rolland Havick with Derrick Dalton in a Tag Team Gauntlet Match.Watch!
10/15/11 - Lost to Elric and Derrick Dalton with Darkstar James when James turned on him.Watch!
10/29/11 - Lost to Derrick Dalton after Elric interfered.Watch!
11/12/11 - Beat Elric by DQ when Darkstar James attacked him.Watch!
11/26/11 - Lost to Samuel Masters clean.Watch!
1/28/12 - Lost to Marcus Ruen dirty when Marcus Ruen low blowed him pulled the tights and used the ropes for leverage. Watch!
2/11/12 - Beat Psycho and Nightmare in a Tag Team match with Eric Spade.Watch!
3/3/12 - Beat DT Gray clean
3/17/12 - Won the 2012 Brawl For All MatchWatch! Watch!
3/31/12 - Beat Matt Armada Clean.Watch!
4/14/12 - Beat Elric Clean.
4/28/12 - Lost to Ryan Stevens, Ray Black, and Blackhawk, with Reaper and Ronald Scott when Stevens pinned Scott.
5/12/12 - Beat Blackhawk clean for the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • This match took place at XMW Anniversary.


XMW Debut

In January 2010 Prime Time debuted in Xtreme Maryland Wrestling (XMW). He lost his first match against Eric Haze for the XMW Intercontinental Championship. Soon after he catapulted himself to the top of the XMW by beating Jacob Practice and Josh Dreamer in a triple threat match to become number 1 contender for the XMW World Title. He lost against Izzy Insane the then XMW World champion. After this Prime Time was entered in the XMW United States title tournament where he beat Dante in the first round and Ray Black in the finals, but just one month later lost the United States title to Ray Black. Rob Scott soon became XMW World Champion and Prime Time was able to beat him in a non-title match, but he has not been granted a rematch for the XMW World title.

Prime Time goes Xtreme

Jason G circa 2010..

Prime Time was placed in a number 1 contender's match for the XMW Hardcore title against Oroku Saki and after an amazingly brutal match, he came out on top. Stepping in the ring against Izzy Insane for the second time, he once again fell to the champion. Prime Time then lead a team to victory against Izzy Insane and his cohorts, the Nightmares, in August 2010. In September 2010 Prime Time was finally able to get over on Izzy and win his second XMW title, the XMW Hardcore Championship. Prime Time was all set to face off against long time former Hardcore champion Johnny Treason when a severe injury put him out for a month and at the last minute his opponent was changed to the returning Double D Derrick Dalton. As is his style, Dalton cheated to win. Again Prime Time was all set to defend his Hardcore title against Derrick Dalton, but once again he was bamboozled as Dalton had orchestrated a plan to be the special referee and Prime Time would now face Johnny Treason. Prime Time was able to come out on top leaving Treason bloodied and battered. At Ground Zero in November 2010, Prime Time defeated 6 other men(Jinx, Killswitch, Loco, Sinner, Izzy Insane, and Johnny Treason) in a 7-man Elimination style Battle Royal, unifying the Hardcore and Virginia Championships and becoming the second XMW Triple Crown winner. In the final moments of the match Treason had the match won with the Phoenix Driver, but special referee Derrick Dalton was attacked by Nikki Black and Prime Time hit Treason with the After Effect for the victory. At the final Anarchy of 2010 Prime Time was scheduled to face Johnny Treason, but due to injury, Treason was unable to attend the event and Loco challenged Prime Time for the Hardcore title. Prime Time was victorious and after the match challenged Johnny Treason to a ladder match to unify the Virginia and Hardcore Championships once and for all at XMW Endgame, the final XMW show. After a hellacious and near career ending match Prime Time chained Johnny Treason to the bottom ropes after hitting the Side Effect off the top of the ladder and retrieved the two belts becoming the undisputed XMW Unified Champion.

XMW Endgame was the final XMW show which closed down due to financial reasons in December 2010. XMW put on an Anniversary show on August 20, 2011 where Jason G lost the XMW Championship to Mr. XNC.

XMW Career

Overall Record- 12-8
Singles Record- 10-6
Clean Wins- 8
Dirty Wins- 2
Clean Loses- 6
Dirty Loses- 0
Titles Held- United States Title Won on 4/17/09. Lost on 5/15/10
Hardcore Title won on 9/11/10. (Unified with Virginia Title 11/6/10)
Virginia Title won on 11/6/10 (Unified with Hardcore Title 11/6/10)
XMW Title Awarded on 6/25/11. Lost on 8/20/11.

1/30/10- Lost in an Intercontinental Title Match against Eric Haze
2/20/10- Won a #1 contender triple threat match against Josh Dreamer and Jacob Practice by pinning Josh Dreamer
3/06/10- Lost In A World Title Match To Izzy Insane
4/03/10- Won a first round match of the United States title tournament against Dante
4/17/10- Beat Ray Black in the finals of the United States title tournament
5/01/10- Beat "The Real Deal" Rob Scott when Izzy Insane distracted Rob Scott
5/15/10- Lost the US title to Ray BlackWatch!Watch!
7/03/10- Lost to Eric Haze
7/31/10- Beat Oroku Saki in a #1 contender's match for the Hardcore Title
8/14/10- Lost against Izzy Insane for the Hardcore Title
8/28/10- Won a match with Drago and Elric against Izzy Insane, Nightmare, and Masked Nightmare, Elric pinned Nightmare.
9/11/10- Beat Izzy Insane in a Hardcore Title Match
9/25/10- Lost to Derrick Dalton clean
10/9/10- Beat Johnny Treason in a Hardcore Title match
10/23/10- Beat Loco in a Hardcore Title match
11/6/10- Beat Jinx, Loco, Killswitch, Sinner, Izzy Insane, and Johnny Treason in a 7-man elimination style Battle Royal for the Unified Virginia/Hardcore Championship
11/6/10- Lost the Ground Zero match
11/20/10- Beat Loco in a Hardcore Title match
12/4/10- Beat Johnny Treason in a Ladder Match for the XMW Unified Title.Watch!
8/20/11- Lost the XMW Title to Mr. XNC

Best of the Best 2010

In early October Prime Time Jason G was invited to compete in the first ever "Best of the Best" show, which consisted of matches between wrestlers from BEWA, XBW, and XMW. At the time he was both BEWA United States and XMW Hardcore champion. He faced off in a Triple Threat match against Jacob Practice and Rolland Havick. He won after Jacob Practice accidentally hit himself with a chair then Havick hit Practice with the Pedigree, and while Havick celebrated his finisher, Jason hit him with the Side Effect and won the match. Watch!

In Wrestling


  • The Side Effect
  • The Leaf (High Angle Texas Cloverleaf)
  • The After Effect ( Swinging Side Effect)

Signature Moves

  • Bizarro Driver
  • Lightning Spiral
  • Time Bomb (Vader Bomb)
  • Modified Indian Deathlock
  • Release Fisherman's Suplex
  • Chokeslam
  • Running Legdrop
  • Seated Clothesline

Signature Taunts

  • "It's All Right Here" (points out then back at himself)
  • "It's My Time!" (stands over opponent and yells in face)
  • "1..2..3..4.." (counts along with ref during illegal moves)

Tag Teams and Stables

  • One Law (Jason G, Rolland Havick, Mickey Campo, and Johnny Monroe)
  • Kraven and Prime Time
  • Prime Time, J Slash, and Chris Bomber
  • The Triad (Jason G, DT Gray, Violet, and Twitch Graves)
  • The League of Xcellence (Elric, Derrick Dalton, Jinx, Mack Daniels, Lynn Larcen, and Jason G)

Entrance Themes

  • "Beyond Broken" by Anubis Unbound (11/2/08 - 10/4/09)
  • "It's My Time" by Fabulous (10/18/09 - present)
  • "Prime Time" by Kage (10/17/10 - 11/29/10)

Championships and Accomplishments



  • First ever BEWA singles Champion (2/1/09)
  • First ever BEWA Untied States Champion (2/1/09)
  • First ever BEWA Golden Rights Clock winner (5/17/09)
  • First ever 2 time BEWA United States Champion (4/19/09)
  • BEWA United States Champion of the year 2009
  • BEWA Triple Crown winner (United States 2/1/09, World Heavyweight 10/4/09, Tag Team 4/25/10)
  • XMW Triple Crown winner (United States 4/17/10, Hardcore 9/11/10, Virginia 11/6/10)
  • First ever 3 time BEWA United States Champion (8/8/10)
  • Longest total title holder in the BEWA (332 days as a champion) * record broken by Blackhawk in September 2011
  • XMW Best Match of 2010 (Ladder match for the Unified Va/Hardcore Championship against Johnny Treason at XMW endgame XMW Virginia Champion Johnny Treason vs. XMW Hardcore Champion "Prime Time Jason G Ladder match for the XMW Unified Championship
  • XMW United States Champion of the year 2010
  • XMW Hardcore Champion of the year 2010
  • 1/3 owner of BEWA (November 2010- May 2011)
  • BEWA shocker of the year 2010 (Turning on Chris Bomber and forming the Triad)
  • BEWA Grand Slam winner (United States 2/1/09, World Heavyweight 10/4/03, Tag Team 4/25/10, BEWA 2/5/11)
  • Second man to win both BEWA top championships (World Heavyweight 10/4/09, BEWA 2/5/11)
  • XMW Grand Slam winner (United States 4/17/10, Hardcore 9/11/10, Virginia 11/6/10, XMW Title 6/25/11)
  • Second man to will all three top titles (World Heavywieght 10/4/09, BEWA 2/5/11, XMW Title 6/25/11)
  • Stable of the year 2011 (The Triad)
  • 2012 Brawl For All Winner
  • Longest time in Brawl For All (61:32)

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