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Matt Heartliss
Ring name Matt Heartliss
Draco Warrior
Height 5'8"
Weight 228 lbs.
Born October 8, 1981
Resides The Marsh Lagoon
Debut August 1994

Matt Heartliss, formerly Lonewolf, is an American backyard wrestler currently competing in Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance and Formerly Xtreme Maryland Wrestling. He Initialy competed In G.O.D. Wrestling with his longtime friends and schoolmates.


Backyard wrestling tenure

G.O.D. Wrestling(1994 - 1999)

Draco Warrior Debuted at the first ever show G.O.D. held Tazmania. Draco warrior was initaly and a long standing member of the G.O.D. stable suffering many losses as he was untrained and unknowledgable in the business. Suffering losses at the hands of many people including Marrick Star, Shadow, and Wes the Fireball. As matches continued and Draco Warrior trained his mat skills improvedand he started picking up wins. As the years continued and more challengers stepped forward he was one of the first to introduce the hardcore to the federation walking away as the First G.O.D. Hardcore Champion and capturing the title 2 more times holding it for a run of 4 months also holding the tag titles with Sniper from the LCW coalition. After a devistating loss of his hardcore title to Big Daddy Mack Daniels with help of Sniper he went into seclusion not to be seen in the G.O.D.again.

Georgia Xtreme Backyard Wrestling(2000)

After Taking time off from the backyard wrestling scene and several relocations associated with his training Draco Warrior Resurfaced with a new attitude a new look and a new nameNow wrestling under the name of Lonewolf". Tearing through everyone and anyone in his way losing a matter of 5 mere matches of 30 Lonewolf stormed through the hardcore division capturing the title on 2 seperate ocassions before being approached by management. The Owner Georgia bulldog and his wife Peach wanted the champ dethroned. In a long 6 month fued with " Hotshot " James Gunn Lonewolf Finaly captured the title in a Stretcher Match. After capturing the title Lonewolf was stripped of the title by Bulldog citing that he was nothing more than a scapegoat and barred from competing in GXBW ever again.

Rochester Championship Wrestling(2002-2004)

In 2002, Lonewolf Debuted in Rochester Championship Wrestling after negotiations with the management. Lonewolf debuted in the RCW invitational "Mayhem" PPV. Over the course of 2 years Lonewolf was a signature staple of the RCW winning the first ever RCW Hardcore Legends Title in a "Cave of Death" Match Vs Psycho J. Lonewolf retired as the Last RCW Hardcore Legends Champion as the title was retired a week later.

Maryland Underground Wrestling(2008 - 2009)

In late 2008 Lonewolf once again entered the backyard after a series of injuries keeing him sidelined lonewolfs old friend kraven gave him a call asking for elp in an ongoing fued with the BEWA. While coming to the aid of his friend he stepped in the ring for a few matches and winning the MUW World Heavyweight title after a 10 man battle to the death.Shortly After the MUW folded under the crippling grip of financial difficulties.

Baltimore Elite Wrestling Aliance (2009- Current)

BEWA Battleground June 14, 2009 Lonewolf Walks tough the doors of the venue the most hated man in the federation after a fallout with BEWA Owner Chris Bomber. After just his second show Lonewolf was called out by The Franchise. During the match with Franchise , Lonewolf, Revealed that his reason for coming to the BEWA By joining The Murder. After aligning himself with the murder Lonewolf started winning matches until his loss in the tag team match with stablemate Klown. An injury forced Lonewolf out of action for close to a month. Upon Lonewolfs returned he showed his true colors and turned his back on The Murder by hitting Chris Bomber With the Pod Pant DDT, Thus severing his ties with The Murder. At the next PPV Damnation Bomber decided to punish Lonewolf with a 3 way Harcore title match in which Lonewolf suffered a legit concusion but still wrestled his was into the 1-2-3 for his first title in the BEWA further solidifying his Status as a Hardcore Legend. Over the continuing course of his tenure with BEWA lonewolf was sidelined Multiple times with injuries. At the begining of Season 3 in BEWA Lonewolf returned with a new attitude and a new set of roster members as part of The Unholy Union only to be betrayed 2 shows later...After regrouping Lonewolf decided a change was in order and Decided to become Matt Heartliss Teaming with his new breathren Riku and Reno Heartliss.. with determination to start becoming a better wrestler and giving more back to the fed...After a hard fought battle with his brothers Matt was crowned the Hardcore champion for a second time in BEWA after its reinstatement by Chris Bomber.

X.M.W. Wrestling(2010)

In the early season of 2010 Lonewolf was approached by the XMW owners to compete on there roster in the division he specialized, The hardcore division. Upon making his debut at XMW Uprising' his unexpected entrance into the ladder match and securing the hardcore title started a new era for the hardcore division in XMW.After various injuries lonewolf retired from the XMW.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Swingin Tha Hatchet - (Fisherman's Neckbreaker
    • Pod Plant DDT - (Evenflow DDT)
    • Lotus Petal (Cloverleaf)

Hardcore Move

    • DDT to an Open Chair
    • Kendo camel clutch

  • Signature taunts
    • Various DDT's
  • Entrance theme
    • "Harder than a Coffin Nail" By PaPa Roach (Current)
    • " Torcha Chamber" By Q-Strange(2005-2010)(Current in XMW)
    • "Guillotine Part 2" By Anybody Killla (2010-2011)


Championships and accomplishments

  • G.O.D. Wresting
  • Georgia Xtreme Backyard Wrestling
    • GXBW Hardcore Champion (2 times)
    • GXBW World Heavyweight Champion(1 time)
  • Rochester Championship Wrestling
    • RCW World Heavyweight Champion (3 times)
    • RCW Tag Team Champion (2 times)
    • RCW Intercontinental Champion (2 times)
    • RCW Hardcore Legends Champion (5times)
  • Maryland Underground Wrestling
    • MUW World Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
  • Baltimore Elite Wrestling Aliance
    • BEWA Hardcore Champion (2 Times)
  • Xtreme Maryland Wrestling
    • XMW Hardcore Champion

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