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Twitch Graves
Ring name Twitch
The Twisted One
Height 6'2"
Weight 190 lbs.
Resides Tampa Bay, FL
Debut 1997


Backyard wrestling tenure

Twitch born one Corey Hayes of Tampa bay Flordia started his backyard wrestling career with a friend of his in tampa bay knowen as slayer.... after about 3 years of slayer teaching twitch almost everything he knew it lead to twitch starting a fed with in flordia knowen as M.X.C (MAYHEM XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP) that fed did not last long as slayer hijacked most of the roster and left twitch high and dry... twitch then left flordia feeling that he needed to get out of flordia he moved in with his grand parents in baltimore maryland where he joined up with a few of his old buddys in the X.B.W once twitch was in the x.b.w it would not be long b 4 twitch would make his self knowen as the twisted one. After many titles twitch then found a place knowen as the M.U.W with long time friend and tag team partner KLOWN. twitch and klown hooked up and formed the capital mayhem and won the tag team titles from JOSH DREAMER and H.I.V after the rise and fall of the M.U.W twitch like most of the roster found a home in the bewa where twitch was the first ever hardcore champion and the became u.s champion after joining the bewa twitch still remainded the TRUE TWISTED ONE of back yard wrestling but waits in the darkness for the right time to strike and it would seem as if his time is getting closer and closer......

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

-The Nail In The Coffin
-spine buster
-swanton bomb

  • Signature taunts

sitting in the bottom corner (the raven taunt)

-project chaos(with spider)
-capital mayhem in M.U.W (WITH KLOWN)

  • Entrance theme


Championships and accomplishments

  • XBW Wrestling
    • XBW World Heavyweight Champion (3)
    • XBW Tag Team Champion (4)
    • XBW Hardcore Champion (2)
  • Maryland Underground Wrestling
    • MUW Tag Team Champion
  • Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance
    • BEWA Hardcore Champion
    • BEWA United States Champion

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