Golden Rights Clock

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Prime Time Jason G posing with the Golden Rights Clock

The Golden Rights Clock is the prize won in a golden rights match. The clock allows the possessor to challenge for any BEWA title at any time. The golden rights match occurs at the BEWA Legacy show and has been an 8-man over the top rope match(Legacy May 2009), and as an 8-man ladder match(Legacy II May 2010). Until the Golden Clock is cashed in the possessor can be forced to defend it, much like a championship belt. The First man to win this prize was "Prime Time" Jason G, who cashed it in at Ascension in October 2009 against Chris Bomber to become World Heavyweight Champion. The second was Twitch Graves who cashed in on The Franchise in June 2010 at Battleground II for the BEWA Title. The Third winner of the Golden Rights Clock was Flatline who cashed it in against Ray Black at Fatal Finale 3 for the World Heavyweight Title.

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