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Ring name Klown
The Juggalo Disciple
Mike Webster
Mikey Whiplash
Height 6'
Weight 180 lbs.
Born September 19, 1985
Resides Pasadena,Md
Resides Baltimore,Md
Debut September 1999

Klown is an American backyard wrestler currently competing in Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance (BEWA). Klown got his start in the backyard scene at the ripe age of 13, in Extreme Impact Wrestling (EiW), with his classmates from high school. In 2001, Klown would wrestle part time for EiW until his departure in May 2003. In July 2004, Klown would start wrestling for Juggalo Wrestling Federation (JWF). Klown would soon also wrestle for JWF part time in the spring of 2005 until his last match in April of 2007. Klown would go on to do shows here and there until he was contacted by MUW in October of 2008 and he would wrestle there until April 2009, when Klown signed his contract with Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance (BEWA).


Backyard wrestling tenure

Extreme Impact Wrestling (1999-2003)

Klown debuted in EiW in September of 1999 using such monikers as Mike Webster, Mikey Whiplash, and Static. Under the name Mike Webster, he would go on to win the EiW Cruiserweight Championship from Nemisis at Backyard Brawl '99. While champion, Mike Webster would team up with Ray Draven for a short run at the Tag Team Titles. Webster and Draven had a falling out driving them away from each other before they ever saw any gold. Mike Webster would lose the Cruiserweight Championship back to Nemisis in an EiW original match, the Woodland Deathmatch at Punx Not Dead '00, with Ray Draven's interference, causing Mike Webster to never be seen again. While using Static, he would go on to capture the EiW European Championship from Razor. He would only hold the title for 2 weeks due to sustaining a legit injury at the hands of Texas Jake. He would make his return in stunning fashion by beating Texas Jake but only to lose it in the same night to Punk Blade. Static would rival with Punk Blade for the Hardcore title until Static's last match, in an EiW Woodland Deathmatch. Mikey Whiplash's time in EiW was from'00 until '03, and during this time Mikey Whiplash would defeat Nemisis for the Cruiserweight Championship in spring of '01 and hold it until summer of '02, losing it to Ray Draven. Mikey Whiplash would wrestle part time soon after and would continue to do so until his last match against Hydro in May of 2003.

Juggalo Wrestling Federation (2004-2007)

Klown, along with 4 of his closest friends would all be co-founders of the Juggalo Wrestling Federation in July 2004. Klown would also use monikers Mikey Whiplash and Orphen. In the JWF's first ever show, Klown would compete in the first ever JWF match in a Deathmatch for the Cruiserweight Championship in a losing effort against the Great Milenko, due to Big Swoll, the Great Milenko's associate, wrapping Klown in barbed wire, thus allowing the Great Milenko to get the pin. Klown would move on to win a battle royal to determine the JWF Intercity Championship at the following show. Klown would lose the title to Black Dragon in September 2004. Klown would capture the JWF Tag Team Championship along side Jake Jeckel, but soon lost them to Car Wreck and Big Malinko. In January '05 Klown would wrestle Blade for the World Heavyweight Championship and claim his first World Title reign. Klown would lose the World Title to Carnage in a Barbed Wire Table Match. After that, Klown would go on the injured list until November of '05, where he would return against Twizted Sickness in a losing effort. In the spring of '06 Klown would capture his second World Title in a Fatal 4 Way match with Twizted Sickness, Black Dragon, Blade, and Zero in a Ladder Match. Klown lost the World Title to Black Dragon in summer of '06. Mikey Whiplash was a tag team specialist along side Chris Carnage, known as Metal Militia. They would go on to capture the Tag Team Titles 4 times. Mikey Whiplash would go on to capture the Hardcore Championship twice when the Hardcore Title was under 24/7 Rules. His first reign, he caught then champion, Car Wreck sleeping and got the 1-2-3. Mikey Whiplash would lose the title the next day being caught off guard by Static. Static would lose the Hardcore Title back to Mikey Whiplash at the show the following day, In 2005, both Chris Carnage and Mikey Whiplash decided to drop their first names and were known as Carnage and Whiplash. In 2006, after a falling out when Carnage got heated over Zero joining the Metal Militia, Whiplash would go on to capture the Cruiserweight Championship from Juggla. Whiplash would be tricked into giving Juggla his rematch clause and lost the title back to Juggla. In March of 2007, Whiplash would wrestle along side Black Dragon in a match for the JWF Tag Team Championship against Stoner's Wreaking Havoc (Venemis & Darts) and Punx Riot (Punk Blade & Twizted Sickness) Orphen would become the first ever JWF Tag Team Champion along side Nightmare, together known as Death. The two lost the titles to Static and Nemesis. Orphen would go on to feud with Black Dragon for the JWF World Heavyweight Championship for three months before Orphen would capture his first reign as champ. He would lose the belt to Blade 3 weeks later. Blade, reluctant to give Orphen a rematch, lost his World Title as Orphen became World Heavyweight Champion for a second time. Orphen would go on to hold the World Title for 2 months, losing the belt to Static. In April of 2007, Orphen would defeat Venemis for the vacated Intercity Championship. After a very heated legit feud with co-founders, Klown would leave the JWF in the late summer of 2007. In early 2008, there was talk of Klown returning to the roster but the company had fallen due to financial issues and management conflicts.

Maryland Underground Wrestling (2008-2009)

Klown would make his debut in the MUW in a Fatal 4 Way match facing Twitch, Jayson Jaymes, and Josh Dreamer at Rampage on October ??, 2008 as Klown. Klown would win that match. During his time in MUW, Klown also used the name Whiplash. Whiplash would team up with Twitch to be known as Capital Mayhem. At MUW Resurrection Capital Mayhem would get the opportunity to challenge the Ark of the Covenant (Josh Dreamer & H.I.V.) for the MUW Tag Team Championship in a Triple Threat Tag Match also featuring Team Crush (Jacob Practice & Steven Blanchard) w/ D.T. Gray. The match went to a no contest when Capital Mayhem and Team Crush both got DQ'd. The following show, Capital Mayhem would be involved in a unique match up called Everybody Wins. The basis of this match was elimination tag team format. The match involved the teams of Team Crush, Capital Mayhem, Matt Masterson & Shadow, and a one man team of Mack Daniels. The pinfall that Capital Mayhem scored guaranteed them a Tag Team Title match later on in the show against the Ark of the Covenant. Capital Mayhem was successful in their attempt at the title shot. After the show, there was a conflict between MUW Management. Twitch left MUW thus leaving Whiplash with Zero to fill in as Tag Champion. In March 2009, Capital Mayhem successfully defended their Tag Team Titles over the month and then were never heard from again. During the same time, Klown was feuding with United States Champion, Ronald Scott. Klown would defeat Ronald Scott for the United States Championship at MUW Deadly Ground and never returned to MUW.

Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance (2009-Present)

On April 5, 2009, Klown would make his BEWA debut at BEWA Breaking Point by the skin of his teeth by making it to the show 10 minutes before his match. Klown was in the Hardcore Title Invitational along with Twitch, Spider, and “Prime Time” Jason G. Klown would be the first one eliminated from the match. Klown would wrestle for BEWA full time from that point on. On May 23, 2009, Klown would be drafted to BEWA's draft show, Chaos. Klown would become heel and at Battleground, he would go on to defeat Spider for the Hardcore Championship. Within the next two weeks, Klown along with the Punx Riot (Punk Blade & Twitch) would come together and form the Murder after Klown defended the Hardcore Title against BEWA President Chris Bomber. Over the course of the next four months the Murder would grow to its peak and then implode. At Scars and Stripes, Klown would lose his Hardcore Championship but gain a member in the Murder, in one Lonewolf. On the following episode of Warfare, the “Underground Icon” Kris Kraven, would be the next man to join the Murder. At Eclipse, the wrestling world was shocked when Crash, Rolland Havick and BEWA President Chris Bomber joined the Murder. The Murder was running strong until it started to implode with Rolland Havick turned on the Murder at Road to Madness. At Ascension, the wrestling world would be shocked again when the Punx Riot turned on the Murder; and again later in the night when the returning Lonewolf would also turn on the Murder. Thus leaving the Murder down to Klown, Crash, Kraven, and Chris Bomber. At Damnation, Klown would be put in a match against fellow Murder members where the loser would be fired and the winner would be declared United States Champion. Klown would become the United States Champion and thus firing Kraven. On Warfare and Chaos present Road to Fatal Finale, Klown would be the last to turn on the Murder by turning on Crash in Crash's Hardcore Title match against K Weed and Lonewolf. Klown would go on to tea bag Crash after the OXW attacked Klown after the match and Crash walked away from Klown. Klown would lose his United States Championship to J Slash by forfeit. At Brawl For All Klown would capture his second Hardcore Title from K Weed.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • The Codebreaker

  • Signature taunts
    • Various DDT's
  • Tag Teams and Stables
  • Entrance theme

Entrance Theme

    • Static- Godsmack “Whatever”
    • Mike Webster- Linkin Park “Crawling”
    • Mikey Whiplash- Sevendust “Praise”
    • Orphen- Godsmack “Voodoo”
    • Whiplash- Avenged Sevenfold “Unholy Confessions”
    • Klown- Insane Clown Posse “Let's Go All the Way” (JWF)

Psychopathic Rydas “Duk Da Fuk Down” (MUW)
Boondox “Out Here” (BEWA Debut)
Drowning Pool “Tear Away” (During the Murder)
Twiztid “Welcome Home” (Face Turn)
Anybody Killa “The Vision” (Current)

Championships and accomplishments

  • EIW Extreme Impact Wrestling
    • EiW European Champion
    • EiW Cruiserweight Champion (2)
    • EiW Hardcore Champion

Juggalo Wrestling Federation

    • JWF Hardcore Champion (4)
    • JWF Tag Team Champion (6)
    • JWF World Heavyweight Champion (3)
    • JWF Intercity Champion (5)
    • JWF Cruiserweight Champion (2)

Maryland Underground Wrestling

    • MUW Tag Team Champion
    • MUW United States Champion

Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance

    • BEWA Hardcore Champion (2)
    • BEWA United States Champion

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