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Ring name Insaniac,Kid Krazy, Super Manny, Psycho Manny
Height 5'8
Weight 150 lbs
Born October 12, 1988
Resides Baton Rouge, La
Debut 2006



Starting off in ringed backyard wrestling Fed, Lunatic Backyard Wrestling (headed by Razor), Insaniac started off under many aliases such as Kid Krazy, K-Squared, Psycho Manny (for a short while) and Super Manny before ultimately changing his name to Insaniac. Since his tenure in LBW, he squared off against respectful wrestlers such as Christopher Cross and Mark Aries, not making a name for himself officially until his feud with Razor.

His feud with Razor stood for almost 3 years pitting the two against each other in some of the most intense conditions, it wasn't until a horrible falling out with Razor (who, in reality, was the owner of the LBW Ring) that caused the Insaniac to leave LBW and backyard wrestling for a year and a half only to return to the ring and square off against Razor stating that it's time they "end this".

During his tenure in ACW, he's had matches against the likes of Razor, Cyrus Poe and "J-Rocc" Tony Davis amongst most others and has been seen teaming with Razor's "brother", Beast Wolf Blackkk recently. They have recently tagged up to defeat former tag team champions, the Jigga City Ninjas (Razor and J-Rocc Tony Davis).

He was featured in BWA's Anniversary Supershow, Global Domination, in May 8 (due to transportation trouble) he was a day late and wrestled against BWA's Domi and Matt Knicks with a victory over Knicks and a defeat against Domi. Frustrated with his lost to Domi and not making as big of an impression as he felt he should have, Insaniac attacked Domi post match which caused him a staredown with Matt Knicks (who's friends with both Domi and Insaniac respectfully). It wasn't until Insaniac's victory against Knicks that he considered making amends for his actions, offering to shake his (and Domi's) hand only for Knicks to attack him post-match after a feigned handshake, sparking a bit of hatred between the two.

It's teased that he plans to tag up with CSW's Jason Witzel, although later on this was confirmed by starting Team Awesome shortly after Global Domination.

Recently, he's made appearances to Lunatic Backyard Wrestling, defeating former Champion, Abe and wrestling in a gauntlet before losing his shot for the LBW Championship.

He's also been part of the Resistance of Rad Hazard's Radical Movement, feuding with ACW's own Grizzly Greif, suffering a beating at the last LBW taping by Sinners members, Grizzly Greif and Hatchet. Since then, Insaniac wasn't seen in the LBW Ring and was teased to be injured only to resurface for LBW Unleashed (LBW's first show in front of an actual crowd), where he and up-and-comer, Sean Nolan were defeated by the Mexi-boys. He'd then go on to BWA's Halloween show, Trick or Trapperkeeper, defeating Alex Ohlson to get a shot at the BWA Championship, defended in a triple threat match featuring fellow Team Awesome member, Jason Witzel and multi-time BWA Champion, X, in a losing effort after being attacked by Matt Knicks and FYF members Reckless Rockin Rivera and Chris Breakdown mid-match.

Issues with Attitude Championship Wrestling

Problems started to surface between Insaniac and ACW when Insaniac started to make snide remarks during most matches including Rapid. He had this to say:

"I personally enjoy watching ACW, but I've been wrestling on ACW TV for two years and I have yet to legitimately wrestle anyone from ACW. Don't get me wrong, I loved wrestling Cyrus Poe and Buster Razor Blackkk but to wrestle BRB for the past two years and RECENTLY wrestle Cyrus Poe ONLY ONCE is pretty stupid. I have nothing against ACW as a whole, but Rapid is a crappy booker".

Recent Info

Insaniac is scheduled to wrestle Anthony Lee and Chongo at CCW's Supershow, Welcome to the Real World in March 2010.

After putting himself on yet another hiatus, Insaniac would come back to the ring to wrestle at the first ever LCW show on Feb. 21, 2010 defeating Dave to become the LCW Champion. <p>Insaniac would also go to face Steven Hardy, The Kid, The Punisher and Stone Hardy respectfully at a LCW/BWE combinated show "Collision" where he would face a victory over the Punisher, a loss to Steven Hardy and another loss to in the four-on-four match promising a singles match against the Kid.


  • Moonsault Variations
    • InSault (Springboard Second Rope Moonsault)
    • DropSault (Moonsault Dropkick)
    • Corkscrew Moonsault
  • Facedrop Variations
    • Smash! (Uranage lift to facedrop)
    • B-tch Killa (Backdrop lift to facedrop)
    • Stalled Lifting Facedrop
  • Running Hurracanrana
  • Cannonball variations
    • Corner Pocket (running frontflip to victim in corner)
    • Fireball (running frontflip to standing victim)
  • Senton Variations
    • Corkscrew Senton (spinning senton)
    • Hilo/Ode to Eddie G. (apron to inside frontflip to lying victim)
    • Double Stomp to jumping back senton
    • Jacked Up Press (running/standing imploding senton)
  • Ode to Eddie Kingston (Spinning Backfist)
  • "Self's Death Kill" (Modified Fisherman's Powerbomb)
  • Machine Gun/Stinger (Repetitive chops to victim in corner)
  • "DON'T CALL ME GAY!"/ Ode to Alex Shelley (Skull f-ck)
  • "He's gonna die" (Springboard Corkscrew 360 Leg Drop) - Occasionally missed
  • "Mexican Cutter" (Wheelbarrow to Backflip Cutter)
  • The Real Lungblower (Sunset Drop stall to frontflip)

Theme Music

  • Meant to Live by Switchfoot
  • "300 Violins" by Jorge Quintero

Global Domination

  • Shut Me Up by MSI (againt Domi)
  • Last Resort by Papa Roach (against Matt Knicks)


LCW Champion (1x, currently as of Feb. 21, 2010)


  • Connected and is actual friends with BWA's Matt Knicks, Domi, Alex Ohlson and X
  • Has had a small fan following around 2008 despite almost having a losing streak of 10-0
  • Found J-Rocc at his job
  • During BWA's Supershow, he met up with a lot of opponents that he claims he would love to wrestle against including CCW's Anthony Lee, Xcal and then GBYWN champion, FX


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