"J-Rocc" Tony Davis

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A Pro Wrestler In The Making.


Debuting on February 7, 2009 as The Truth, Tony Davis lost while squaring off against Insaniac and Buster Razor Blackkk in a triple threat match only to tag up with Buster later on to form the Jigga City Ninjas. Since the making of the Ninjas, they would be on the hunt for the tag titles squaring off against the likes of Grizzly Grief and Flash and the likes of Team SWAGGER in a tag team title tournament only to lose to Rapid and the returning Doc Austin. The Ninjas would soon become champions after defeating Wes Chambers and Cyrus Poe and Team SWAGGER in a TLC match only to lose the titles to The Sinners (Ryder and Grizzly Grief).

In a recent rematch attempt for the ACW Tag Titles, The Ninjas would soon come back to win the titles only for Davis to betray his former partner, giving him the cutter and leaving his partner to lose the titles on his own.

He'd eventually resurface onto the scene, challenging and winning the SEC Championship from former champion, Wes Chambers



  • Southern Dizkunfert(crosface chickenwing to a facedrop submittion)
  • Adrinaline Rush(combonation kicks, elbow drop and a springbord splash)
  • The Cutter
  • Springbord Forarm Strike

w/Buster Razer Blackkk

  • Welcome To Jigga City, B*tch()
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