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Ring name Chongo
Height 5'7
Weight 180 lbs.
Born October 13, 1992 (age 18)
Resides Indiana
Debut 2008

Chongo is a Mexican/American backyard wrestler working for Indiana Championship Wrestling.

Backyard Wrestling

Indiana Championship Wrestling (2008 - Present)

Chongo started wrestling for ICW in 2008, at one of their free per views known as, "Final Result". There he made in impact by beating now Elliot Ness, formerly known as Abdul Kareem Al Islam, for the ICW Hardcore championship. to later lose it to Angel of Death at the very same event. The next week he wrestled in an man tag team match, which consisted of Himself, Angel of Death, and the Executioner against Abdul, Magic Man, and Pinpoint. Abdul had then Challenged Chongo to a match at Unleashed, where Chongo came out victorious against him, but then lost the money In the Bank match.

After Unleashed Chongo made an unexpected month leave from the company, to visit family in New York, when he returned he fueded with Magic man, winning the ICW TV Championship, later changing it to the US and then the Mexican championship. He held the Mexican Championship all the way til ICW's deadly fire, which is their Wrestlemania, where he faced Soul Survivor to lose the Mexican title, which was then changed to the ICW US title once again. After he lost that title, he had his eyes set on another title, the ICW Worl Heavyweight title, which he won, at ICW shining star from the executioner, only to lose it at CBYW: Just Another Supershow to Skeletor, where he rewon it in a triple threat match. Soon afterward Chongo lost it to The Pen Name, at ICW's Free per view Final Result which was also Chongo's one year in ICW. The week later Chongo issued his rematch clause, with the stipulation that if Chongo were to lose the match, he was suspended from ICW for a month. Sadly, Chongo lost the match suspending him from ICW. So Chongo took the time to go to New York and wrestle for UYW, winning their championship then losing it back to twist.

Once Chongo returned he didn't go straight back to ICW, he went to CBYW: Just Another Supershow 2 where he represented DarKStar instead of ICW. Where he defeated Echo, and lost to JP. He came back to ICW with a vengance, defeating Anthony Lee and Shawn Jovi for the GBYWN great lakes title, which he still holds. After that, he began Fueding with Devin Bliss trying to get back what he thought was his, which was the ICW World Title. Which he won back after about 5 months of fighting for it. Just to lose it again two weeks later at ICW Roadkill in an unsanctioned match to Devin Bliss. He now has his sights set on the ICW hardcore title, where he hopes to face the Executioner soon for it. Chongo never got the chance to face The Executioner for the title to the demise of ICW in 2010. When ICW returned in May 2010 Chongo reunited for a short return with his partner Freak Show as FDP (Freakin' Death Perception). As well as being a part of FDP Chongo also became the ICW Elite Champion until the second demise of ICW. On May 28, 2011 ICW returned once again with Chongo set to face Devin Bliss at ICW Final Result 2011.

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