BWA 4th Anniversary: Global Domination

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BWA 4th Anniversary: Global Domination
Promotion Bridgeview Wrestling Association
Date June 5 & 6, 2009
Venue A BWA Location
Location Justice, Illinois
Free per view chronology
BWA 4th Anniversary: Global Domination
BWA Anniversary Supershow chronology
BWA 4th Anniversary: Global Domination
BWA 3rd Anniversary: A New Era TBD

BWA 4th Anniversary: Global Domination was a backyard wrestling interpromotional supershow event produced by Bridgeview Wrestling Association (BWA) in which, the event took place as a two-day double-show festivity between June 5 and 6, 2009 at a BWA Location in Justice, Illinois. The event went down symbolic as the forth anniversary spectacular for BWA, although commemorates four years since its iteration.

The event featured 42 wrestling matches in total of both days with two separate events. Community titles known as GBYWN Championships were also contested at the event being the GBYWN World Heavyweight Championship,GBYWN World Tag Team Championship and GBYWN Mid-West Championship.


Global Domination was originally an event subject of high interest on the GBYWN forum and went ahead with the inclusion of months upon planning to involve many wrestlers from geographical parts representing their federations. Federations that wrestlers in attendance represented were Xtraordinary 2 Xtreme Wrestling (X2X), Collision Championship Wrestling (CCW), Freelance Wrestling Alliance (FWA), Jersey Wrestling Allstars (JWA), NWA Underground, Indiana Championship Wrestling (ICW), Mundelein Syndicate Wrestling (MSW), Evolutionary Xtreme Wrestling Federation (EXWF), Chicago Suburb Wrestling (CSW), Top Dawg Championship Wrestling (TDCW) and Calumet Wrestling Alliance (CWA).


Day 1 Show 1

Death Machine(FWA) def. Steven Drochner (NWA Underground)(10mins)

Anthony Lee( CCW) def. Geo Fury(X2X)(8mins)

FX(JWA) def. Twisted Outcast(FWA)(11mins)

Chris Castle(ICW) def. Ace McCree(MSW)(11mins)

Devin Bliss (ICW) def. Domi(BWA)(8mins)

James Extreme( BWA) def. General Joe(CSW) for the BWA Middleweight Championship(8mins)

Reckless (FWA) def. Lee Fury (FWA)(6mins)

Senior Guapo( BWA) def. Johney Martinez (MSW)(6mins)

El Asso Wipo and El Diablo Verde( BWA) def. Death Machine and Greg "The Gorilla"(FWA)(11mins)

Mike Creston(ICW) def. Killa Cameron(X2X) and the Pen Name(ICW)(12mins)

Shooter( BWA) def. Reckless (FWA)(6mins)

GBYWN Midwest Championship Match: AO( BWA) def. XCal(EXWF) to win the title(15mins)

Chris Breakdown(FWA) def. Jason Fierce(MSW)(11mins)

Day 1 Show 2

Chris Castle(ICW) def. FX(JWA)(13mins)

Black Wolf(Chicago Suburb Wrestling | CSW) vs. General Joe(Chicago Suburb Wrestling | CSW) vs. X(Bridgeview Wrestling Association | BWA)(15min Draw)

Mike Creston and Sphinx(ICW)(12mins) def. Agent Orange- AO and Josh McMullin( BWA)

Devin Bliss (ICW) def. Twisted Outcast(FWA)(13mins)

Steven Drochner(NWA Underground) def. El Diablo Verde(BWA)(5mins)

Anthony Lee(CCW) def. The Pen Name(ICW)(8mins)

Nemesis(TDCW) def. Axel (CSW)(7min)

Geo Fury(X2X) def. Aaron Chatman(X2X) for the GBYWN X2X World Championship(24mins)

Day 2 Show 1

XCal(EXWF) def. Shooter(BWA)(9mins)

Agent Orange- AO and Josh McMullin(BWA)(12mins) def. FX(JWA) and Steven Drochner(NWA Underground)(12mins)

Aaron Chatman(X2X) def. Mike Creston(ICW)(10mins)

Chris Castle(ICW) def. Reckless(FWA)(8mins)

Black Wolf(CSW) def. General Joe(CSW)(6mins)

Nemisis(TDCW) def. Anthony Lee(CCW)(7mins)

Domi(BWA) def. Ace Mcree(MSW)(8mins)

Geo Fury(X2X) def. Twisted Outcast(FWA) in a Death Match(16mins)

Axel(CSW) def. Jason Witzel and Black Wolf(CSW)(6mins)

GBYWN Tag Team Championship: Outshined- The Pen Name and Devin Bliss(ICW) def. Brandon and "Killa Cameron (X2X) and FX(JWA) and Chris Castle(ICW) for the GBYWN Tag Team Championship(42mins)

Day 2 Show 2 FX Challenge- "Killa" Cameron(X2X) def. Axel(CSW), General Joe(CSW), Black Wolf(CSW), Jason Witzel(CSW) and FX(JWA)(12mins)

Anthony Lee(CCW) def. Aaron Chatman(X2X)(10mins)

Chris Castle(ICW) def. XCal(EXWF) (11mins)

AO(BWA) def. Reckless(FWA)(10mins)

Insaniac def. Domi(BWA)(8mins)

The Answer(CWA) def. Burns(CWA) and Gamble(CWA) for the CWA Championship(10mins)

Ace McCree(ICW) def. Devin Bliss(ICW)(11mins)

Domi(BWA) def. The Pen Name(ICW)(11mins)

Insaniac def. Shooter(BWA)(10mins)

Reckless(FWA) def. Twisted Outcast(FWA)(12mins)

Battle Royal- Winner was General Joe(CSW)(30minutes)

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