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The Greater Jersey Hudson River Region #22 (commonly referred to as GJHRR) is one of the order's largest region with over 1700 members. As per new legislation introduced in September 2020 entitled "Motion, Establishment of the GJHRR’s Official Mascot and Colors", GJHRR's mascot is the lion, and its regional colors are midnight black, carolina blue, and a sprinkle of icy white. The region generally has three (previously five) regional conventions a year, including SPIRIT (December), MIT (February/March), and LIFE (April/May). During months that a convention is not held, a chapter usually hosts a regional dance. These include the regional kickoff in September, which is organized by the council S'ganim and features a unique theme each year. GJHRR is a region split into two councils each with an AZA and BBG board. There is no regional board, but the four council presidents act as the RCC or Regional Coordinating Committee. Both chapter and council board members in GJHRR serve full-year terms (unlike many regions in which six-month chapter board terms are the norm), and are elected in May at LIFE convention. In addition, GJHRR combines the positions of Mazkir/Mazkirah and Gizbor/Gizborit on council boards for a single hybrid "Maz/Giz" position.

The region employs four staff members, Beth Garfinkle Hancock, the regional director, and the assistant regional directors, Amy Gerson and Max Nachman, Allison Bernstein. Judi Youngman, the region's longtime senior regional director, retired in 2020 and passed her responsibilities onto Naomi Tilman who has since given the reigns to Beth Garfinkle Hancock. GJHRR also previously employed assistant regional directors Stacy Gross, Ali Leitner ,and Rob Kappel, the latter of which now works in Big Apple BBYO as regional director.

[edit] Northern Council

Amir BBYO (Summit)

Ahava BBG (Wayne)

Koach BBG (Livingston)

Lev BBYO (Montclair)

Livingston AZA (Livingston)

Palisades AZA (Tenafly)

Palisades BBG (Tenafly)

Pascack Valley AZA (Woodcliff Lake)

Pascack Valley BBG (Woodcliff Lake)

Randolph BBYO (Randolph)

Short Hills AZA (Short Hills)

Short Hills BBG (Short Hills)

Wayne AZA (Wayne)

Yachad BBG (Livingston)

Hoboken BBYO (Hoboken)

SOMA BBYO (South Orange/Maplewood)

Wyckoff BBYO (Wyckoff)

25th Northern Council Board (2023-2024)

Godol: Justin Baltuch (Livingston AZA)

S'gan: Zack Slater (Pascack Valley AZA)

Moreh: Dylan Hochberg (Livingston AZA)

Mazkir: Justin Wilner (Livingston AZA)

Shaliach: Yan Sher (Livingston AZA)

Gizbor: Jacob Rappaport (Livingston AZA)

Grand Aleph Godol: TJ Katz (Livingston AZA)

24th Northern Council Board (2022-2023)

Godol: TJ Katz (Livingston AZA)

S'gan: Holden Baris (Livingston AZA)

Moreh: Ryder Nightingale (Livingston AZA)

MazGiz: Noah Golden (Wayne AZA)

Shaliach: Matthew Blinderman (Livingston AZA)

Kohen Godol: Dylan Wilner (Livingston AZA)

23rd Northern Council Board (2021-2022)

Godol: Dylan Wilner (Livingston AZA)

S'gan: Holden Baris (Livingston AZA)

Moreh: Noah Golden (Wayne AZA)

MazGiz: Noah Sandler (Wayne AZA)

Kohen Godol: Adam Cohen (Livingston AZA)

22nd Northern Council Board (2020-2021)

Godol: Adam Cohen (Livingston AZA)

S'gan: Jeremy Zoller (Livingston AZA)

Moreh: Ryan Goldstein (Livingston AZA)

MazGiz: Mason Levitt (Livingston AZA)

Shaliach: Matthew Kushel (Livingston AZA)

Kohen Godol: Danny Hubert (Livingston AZA)

N'siah: Allie Benjamin (Short Hills BBG)

S'ganit: Lucy Solomon (Lev BBYO)

Morah: Julia Needleman (Short Hills BBG)

MazGiz: Maya Gross (Pascack Valley BBG)

Sh'licha: Ellie Bershad (Yachad BBG)

Madricha: Emily Char (Pascack Valley BBG)

21st Northern Council Board (2019-2020)

Godol: Danny Hubert (Livingston AZA)

S'gan: Sam Spitz (Livingston AZA)

Moreh: Matt Leviss (Livingston AZA)

MazGiz: Jaden Gerard (Pascack Valley AZA)

Kohen Godol: Dylan Barman (Pascack Valley AZA)

N'siah: Emily Char (Pascack Valley BBG)

S'ganit: Rachel Kurtz (Koach BBG)

Morah: Allie Benjamin (Short Hills BBG)

Mazkirah: Emma Moss (Lev BBYO)

Sh'licha: Baylee Sessler (Yachad BBG)

Madricha: Sadye Boshak (Koach BBG)

20th Northern Council Board (2018-2019)

Godol: Dylan Barman (Pascack Valley AZA)

S'gan: Danny Hubert (Livingston AZA)

Moreh: Aiden Schwartz (Wayne AZA)

MazGiz: Jake Snedeker (Pascack Valley AZA)

Shaliach: Ben Bachrach (Livingston AZA)

Kohen Godol: Matt Zachem (Pascack Valley AZA)

N'siah: Sadye Boshak (Koach BBG)

S'ganit: Amber Geltzeiler (Yachad BBG)

Morah: Jenna Cohen (Pascack Valley BBG)

Mazkirah: Olivia Lieberman (Koach BBG)

Sh'licha: Rachel Stulberger (Short Hills BBG)

Achot: Maya Solomon (Koach BBG)

Madricha: Samantha Zuckerberg (Pascack Valley BBG)

19th Northern Council Board (2017-2018)

Godol: Matt Zachem (Pascack Valley AZA)

S'gan: Dylan Barman (Pascack Valley AZA)

Moreh: Louis Cahn (R'ut BBYO)

MazGiz: Andrew Gutman (Wayne AZA)

Shaliach: Ryan Distell (Palisades AZA)

Achim: Jeremy Lesserson (Pascack Valley AZA)

Kohen Godol: Sam Sternstein (Livingston AZA)

N'siah: Samantha Zuckerberg (Pascack Valley BBG)

S'ganit: Sadye Boshak (Koach BBG)

Morah: Maya Naaman (Yachad BBG)

MazGiz: Jessica Fleischer (Ahava BBG)

Sh'licha: Danielle Fuchs (Ahava BBG)

Achot: Hannah Schiffman (Koach BBG)

Madricha: Lauren Tancer (Pascack Valley BBG)

18th Northern Council Board (2016-2017)

Godol: Sam Sternstein (Livingston AZA)

S'gan: Ethan Schiffman (Palisades AZA)

Moreh: Addy Abramowitz (Palisades AZA)

MazGiz: Matt Jankowitz (Wise BBYO)

Shaliach: Harry Zuckerman (Pascack Valley AZA)

Achim: Louis Cahn (R'ut BBYO) and Jonathan Altman (Livingston AZA)

Senior Involvement: Jordan Green (Wayne AZA)

Kohen Godol: Gideon Abramowitz (Palisades AZA)

N'siah: Lauren Tancer (Pascack Valley BBG)

S'ganit: Molly Edwards (Livingston BBG)

Morah: Rebekah Hess (Palisades BBG)

MazGiz: Leah Yaker (Pascack Valley BBG)

Sh'licha: Jessica Posnock (Livingston BBG)

Achot: Samantha Zuckerberg (Pascack Valley BBG)

Senior Involvement: Lexi Schwartz (Livingston BBG) and Samantha Brunn (Pascack Valley BBG)

Madricha: Meredith Harris (Livingston BBG)

17th Northern Council Board (2015-2016)

Godol: Gideon Abramowitz (Palisades AZA)

S'gan: Harry Goldstein (Pascack Valley AZA)

Moreh: Matt Steinberg (Livingston AZA)

MazGiz: Ethan Schiffman (Palisades AZA)

Shaliach: Jeff Zachem (Pascack Valley AZA)

Songleader/Achim: Brandon Oliff (R'ut BBYO)

Kohen Godol: Jakob Hess (Palisades AZA)

N'siah: Meredith Harris (Livingston BBG)

S'ganit: Lauren Tancer (Pascack Valley BBG)

Morah: Brielle Shapiro (Livingston BBG)

MazGiz: Sara Fleischer (Ahava BBG)

Sh'licha: Samantha Brunn (Pascack Valley BBG)

Madricha: Emily Edwards (Livingston BBG)

[edit] Central Council

Chaverim BBYO (Basking Ridge)

Marlboro AZA (Marlboro)

MS Manalapan AZA (Manalapan)

Ruach BBG (Marlboro)

Shore BBYO (Ocean)

Tikvah BBG (Manalapan)

T'sahal BBYO (Scotch Plains)

Yad B'Yad BBG (Marlboro)

24th Central Council Board (2022-2023)

Godol: Ryan Feinsand (Marlboro AZA)

S'gan: Benjamin Katz (M.S Manalapan AZA)

Moreh: Benjamin Goldstein (Marlboro AZA)

MazGiz: Noah Paradise (Chaverim BBYO)

Shaliach: Samuel Pass (Marlboro AZA)

Kohen Godol: Zachary Glaser (Marlboro AZA)

23rd Central Council Board (2021-2022)

Godol: Zachary Glaser (Marlboro AZA)

MazGiz: Aaron Perrotta (T'sahal BBYO)

Shaliach: Samuel Pass (Marlboro AZA)

Kohen Godol: Dan Grafstein (Marlboro AZA)

22nd Central Council Board (2020-2021)

Godol: Dan Grafstein (Marlboro AZA)

S'gan: Jacob Wendler (T'sahal BBYO)

Moreh: Presley Beck (Marlboro AZA)

Shaliach: Zachary Glaser (Marlboro AZA)

MazGiz: Andrew Cohen (T'sahal BBYO)

Kohen Godol: Ben Goldman (Marlboro AZA)

N'siah: Amanda Wendler (T'sahal BBYO)

S'ganit: Madelyn Most (Chaverim BBYO)

Morah: Skylar Gothelf (Tikvah BBG)

Sh'licha: Anna Saltzman (T'sahal BBYO)

MazGiz: Sammie Levine (Tikvah BBG)

Madricha: Maya Zucker (Chaverim BBYO)

21st Central Council Board (2019-2020)

Godol: Ben Goldman (Marlboro AZA)

Moreh: Dan Grafstein (Marlboro AZA)

Kohen Godol: Jacob Jasser (Marlboro AZA)

N'siah: Maya Zucker (Chaverim BBYO)

S'ganit: Amanda Wendler (T'sahal BBYO)

Morah: Mikayla Adelson (Tikvah BBG)

Mazkirah: Joelle Castor (Tikvah BBG)

Sh'licha: Sydney Cohn (Chaverim BBYO)

20th Central Council Board (2018-2019)

Godol: Jacob Jasser (Marlboro AZA)

S'gan: Matt Zeiman (T'sahal BBYO)

Moreh: Jared Ceitlin (Marlboro AZA)

Kohen Godol: Ben Ward (Marlboro AZA)

N'siah: Raquel Shapiro (T'sahal BBYO)

S'ganit: Maya Zucker (Chaverim BBYO)

Morah: Brooke Findel (Tikvah BBG)

Mazkirah: Sadie Nochimson (Chaverim BBYO)

Sh'licha: Rachel Bachman (T'sahal BBYO)

Achot: Lindsey Hyams (Tikvah BBG)

Madricha: Emily Cohen (Yad B'Yad BBG)

19th Central Council Board (2017-2018)

Godol: Ben Ward (Marlboro AZA)

Moreh: Bret Sherman (T'sahal BBYO)

MazGiz: Jacob Jasser (Marlboro AZA)

Kohen Godol: Adam Goldman (Marlboro AZA)

N'siah: Emily Cohen (Yad B'Yad BBG)

S'ganit: Raquel Shapiro (T'sahal BBYO)

Morah: Hope Yesowitz (T'sahal BBYO)

MazGiz: Hannah Dvorchik (T'sahal BBYO)

Sh'licha: Carly Belasco (Yad B'Yad BBG)

Achot: Brooke Findel (Tikvah BBG)

Madricha: Sage Linsky (T’sahal BBYO)

18th Central Council Board (2016-2017)

Godol: Adam Goldman (Marlboro AZA)

S'gan: Avi Zucker (Chaverim BBYO)

Moreh: Evan Kanterman (Marlboro AZA)

MazGiz: Palmer Stolly (East Brunswick BBYO)

Shaliach: Ari Goldberger (MS Manalapan AZA)

Kohen Godol: Ira Gotliboym (T'sahal BBYO)

N'siah: Sage Linsky (T'sahal BBYO)

S'ganit: Emily Cohen (Yad B'Yad BBG)

Morah: Carly Belasco (Yad B'Yad BBG)

MazGiz: Lauren Wasserman (Chaverim BBYO)

Madricha: Tori Sciara (T'sahal BBYO)

17th Central Council Board (2015-2016)

Godol: Ira Gotliboym (T'sahal BBYO)

S'gan: Matt Grosswald (Chaverim BBYO)

Moreh: Adam Goldman (Marlboro AZA)

MazGiz: David Ehrenthal (T'sahal BBYO)

Shaliach: Sam Golden (Marlboro AZA)

N'siah: Tori Sciara (T'sahal BBYO)

Morah: Mia Reingold (Yad B'Yad BBG)

MazGiz: Ariella Pasman (East Brunswick BBG)

Sh'licha: Natalie Turner (East Brusnwick BBG)

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