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Marlboro AZA is a chapter located in Greater Jersey Hudson River Region Central Council and based in Marlboro Township, New Jersey. It is the largest AZA chapter in the region. The mascot for the chapter is the maccabee, and the colors are pink and black, the colors of true men, and its chapter numbers are 2338. The chapter often chants "Sho-fo" after it's name is called during parliamentary procedure to poke fun at MS Manalapan AZA, a chapter in Manalapan Township, New Jersey, that chants "Fo-sho" after its name is said. Chapter meetings are usually at Robertsville Elementary School from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every other Tuesday night, except for the summer. The chapter also has two advisors, Marc Franco, and former Greater Jersey Hudson River Region Central Council Aleph Godol and chapter alumnus Andy Schaen.

"Pink and black, you wish you were a Marlboro Mac"

[edit] Officers

"2017-2018 Chapter Board"

Godol- Garrett Zirkman

S'gan- Jake Rubin

Moreh- Jared Ceitlin

Mazkir- Jake Hoffman

Gizbor- Danny Jarashow

Shaliach- Colby Rosenthal

Mekesher- Ben Goldman

Achim- Tanner Kirol

MazGiz- Daniel Grafstein

"2016-2017 Chapter Board"

Godol- Andrew Brofsky

S'gan- Jake Hoffman

Moreh- Danny Jarashow

Mazkir- Garrett Zirkman

Gizbor- Ross Kaufman

Shaliach- Jacob Jasser

Mekesher- Jared Ceitlin

Achim- Ben Ward

"2015-2016 Chapter Board"

Godol- Fletcher Kirol

S'gan- Andrew Brofsky

Moreh- Evan Kanterman

MazGiz- Zack Grun

Shaliach- Shaun Lederman

Achim- Alex Enny

Kohen Godol- Adam Goldman

"2014-2015 Chapter Board"

Godol – Adam Goldman

S'gan – Sam Golden

Moreh- Logan Semegram

Mazkir – Lawrence Rubin

Gizbor – Zack Grun

Junior S'gan - Andrew Brofsky

Achim – Fletcher Kirol

Kohen Godol - Jesse Persily

2013 - 2014 Chapter Board

Godol – Jesse Persily

S'gan – Ryan Smith

Moreh – Adam Goldman

Mazkir – Steven Tyson

Gizbor – Jordan Blank

Shaliach – Sam Golden

Achim –Andrew Brofsky

Kohen Godol – Jason Golden

2012 – 2013 Chapter Board

Godol – Jason Golden

S'gan – Jesse Persily

Moreh – Corey Goldstein

Mazkir – Austin Hirsch

Gizbor – Ian Engel

Shaliach – Ryan Smith

Kohen Godol – Matthew Goldman

2011 – 2012 Chapter Board

Godol – Matthew Goldman

Moreh – Jason Golden

Mazkir – Austin Hirsch

Shaliach – Aaron Golden

Gizbor – Jacob Katz

Achim – Ian Engel

Va'ada (Programming Committee in Place of S'gan) – Corey Goldstein, Noah Gorstein, Jesse Persily

Kohen Godol – Matt Nadler

2010 – 2011 Chapter Board

Godol – Matt Nadler

S'gan – Kyle Oskowsky

Moreh – Lucas Franco

Mazkir – Matthew Goldman

Shaliach – Ian Engel

Gizbor – Jordan Oran

Achim – Corey Dubin

Kohen Godol – Ben Biran

2009 – 2010 Chapter Board

Godol – Ben Biran

S'gan – Matt Nadler

Moreh – Samuel Rubinstein

Mazkir – Michael Finkelstein

Shaliach – Mike Smith

Gizbor – Seth Robinson

Achim – Jordan Oran

Kohen Godol – Ben Edlin

2008–2009 Chapter Board

Godol – Ben Edlin

S'gan – Ben Biran

Moreh – Zac Franco

Mazkir – Matt Nadler

Shaliach – Corey Dubin

Kohen Godol – Jordan Oskowsky

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