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Pascack Valley AZA (often referred to as PVAZA) is a Chapter of Aleph Zadik Aleph of the GJHRR Northern Council that is made up of members from the Pascack Valley Area. Their sister chapter is Pascack Valley BBG.

PVAZA is internationally recognized along with PVBBG for their efforts to raise money for their StandUp cause: Play for P.I.N.K. Each year, the two chapters raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Breast Cancer research organization. They host the Pink and White Ball each November where members from all chapters GJHRR attend.

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2018-2019 Board

  • Godol- Jason Lever
  • S'gan- Jaden Gerard
  • Moreh- Matt Bibi
  • Mazkir- Jeremy Lesserson
  • Gizbor- Alex Bildner
  • Shaliach- Matt Lustigman
  • Mekesher- Hunter Mendel
  • Council Board Members- Dylan Barman (Godol), Jake Snedeker (MazGiz)

2017-2018 Board

  • Godol- Sam Reiter
  • S'gan- Jack Nassau
  • Moreh- Alex Bildner
  • Mazkir- Jason Lever
  • Gizbor- Jacob Mendel
  • Shaliach- Jake Snedeker
  • Mekesher- Matthew Bibi
  • Council Board Members- Matthew Zachem (Godol), Dylan Barman (S'gan)

2016-2017 Board

  • Godol- Matthew Zachem
  • S'gan- Sam Reiter
  • Moreh- Jack Nassau
  • Mazkir- Jake Kroner
  • Gizbor- Ryan Platt
  • Shaliach- Aaron Knopf
  • Mekesher- Alex Heinz
  • Council Board Members- Harry Zuckerman (Shaliach)
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