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Palisades AZA #2536 operates from Pacific Palisades, CA of the Pacific Western Region #44. The chapter got its start in the Fall 2007 and received its charter in the Spring of 2008. Beginning with just 3 young men, the chapter has now grown to over 20 proud Alephs.


[edit] Geography

Although the chapter's namesake is the town of Pacific Palisades, Palisades AZA also welcomes Alephs from Malibu, Santa Monica, and Brentwood.

[edit] Chapter Identity

The Chapter Member: Like any chapter in the Aleph Zadik Aleph, a member of Palisades AZA is known as an Aleph. Specifically, Alephs of Palisades have been called a variety of names, including but not limited to Black Babies, Palisadians, and Pali's. Despite this, there is no official name for an Aleph of Palisades AZA.

Chapter Colors: The official colors of Palisades AZA are Blue & White. Additionally, black and gray have been put into combination with the colors, but the colors of the chapter are primarily blue and white.

Chapter Mascot: The official mascot of Palisades AZA is Lil' Jaewon, accompanied by his teddy known as James the Bear. Jaewon is a life-size infant doll of African descent while James is his best friend and companion.

[edit] Chapter Business

Palisades holds weekly, hour-long meetings in Pacific Palisades, CA. There are two 6-month programming terms per year; there is a "Summer/Fall" term and a "Winter/Spring" term. Officer positions are elected at the end of each term and serve for the following 6 months. All positions are 6-month terms, unless noted below otherwise.

Current Chapter Board:

  • Aleph Godol Erel Israel
  • Aleph S'gan Moose
  • Aleph Moreh Everette Plen
  • Aleph Shaliach Adam Katz
  • Aleph Mazkir Jacob Goldberg
  • Aleph Gizbor Ari Simantob
  • Aleph Shotare Godol(appointed at each meeting)
  • Aleph Shotare Katone (appointed at each meeting)
  • Aleph Kohen Godol (serves for life) (all past Aleph Godolim)

Past Aleph Godolim

  • Winter/Spring 07-08: Alon Sugarman
  • Summer/Fall 2008: Bobby Dishell
  • Winter/Spring 08-09: Marco Schneiderman
  • Summer/Fall 2009: Marco Schneiderman
  • Winter/Spring 09-10: Orly Israel
  • Summer/Fall 2010: Marco Schneiderman
  • Winter/Spring 10-11: Marco Schneiderman
  • Summer/Fall 2011: Orly Israel & Ryan Dishell
  • Winter/Spring 11-12: Ryan Dishell
  • Summer/Fall 2012: Linus Gordon
  • Winter/Spring 12-13: Daniel Roth
  • Summer/Fall 2013: Matt Klein
  • Winter/Spring 13-14: Jordan Rechtman

[edit] Website

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