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Welcome to the TP Wiki!

The purpose of this site is as a database for The Prophecy. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Please feel free to look around and contribute!

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Daily Prophet Latest News

The Dark Lord of Ice: The Other Side of the Story

By Hyoga Vyshgorod

It’s finally over. The nightmares that once haunted me are now gone...destroyed by my own hand. I thought I would have met my end, after all...Alexander Volgin found my only weakness. My family...and as he described their deaths and verbally shunned me from being a part of his own, I lost it.

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All The Latest Cutting Edge Stories - The Quibbler!

Ministry Employing Vikings For Their Dirty Work?

By Matilda Frumpcork

As a concerned mother of seven, when I first heard of the Ministry of Magic's new tactic - using time turners to employ Vikings to do their dirty work - you can only imagine how concerned I actually became, not only for my seven children, but for all wizarding kind.

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TP Hall of Fame

What is the TP Hall of Fame?

The TP Hall of Fame is a new feature, from an idea originally by Austin. It is basically a tribute to all of our old friends from TP who have come and gone. The Hall of Fame will list all the greatest member's from TP's past.
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