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Order of the Phoenix

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The Order Badge



The Order of the Phoenix is a dedicated group of wizards that strive to rid the wizarding world of evil; namely, a group called the Death Eaters. The Order has been going for centuries, and Albus Dumbledore was the leader until his death.

Field Marshall, Sir James K. F. Bannister, a wizard of high standing within the entire wizarding world, and a well respected muggle politician, currently leads the Order. There are a dedicated number of members who fight alongside James Snr. They are:


Field Marshall





At the Moment

The Order is currently involved in a long-running struggle for power with the DE. They sometimes combine with the Aurors from the Ministry of Magic, in order to give them an advantage. However, thus far, no side has come out on top in the many minor skirmishes that have occurred.

The Battle in Russia

A few weeks ago, Alexander Volgin organised a battle. And this was not one of the small-scale battles of the past. This was huge. It was based in Alexander's home in St. Petersburg. (to be completed)

The History of the Order on TP

To be written.

How to Join The Order

To be written.

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