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Death Eaters

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The Death Eater Crest



Lord Voldemort originally formed the Death Eaters at the time when he killed Harry Potter’s parents. This was the group's first proper uprising.

10 years on from his death, Seth Ecken has taken over the reigns as leader of the group with the assistance of [[Thomas Tangleton] who is a long time and loyal member to the Death Eaters. The group has been thinned out with nearly no members remaining under the leadership of Margaret and has since been taken over by Seth, which has still yet to see any improvement. While the Death Eaters seem inactive and not plotting anything, their have been strange attacks with the Dark Mark lifted into the sky lately.

The Angels

These villains will go to any lengths to ensure that good does not triumph over bad, and every day continue to cause pain, suffering and death in the wizarding world.

The Battle in Russia

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The History of the Death Eaters on TP

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How To Join the DE

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