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The White Stripes
studio album by The White Stripes


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you would play and have fun by yourself and then you saw other children playing and you climbed your fence and went to play with them and it was fun then your smiles became dependent on theirs and stories you heard of a monkey that only wants to see red so destroys things that are not red i dream of him exploding my motor so that i wont see red everytime i drive down the street my car starts breaking down on me and i write this down but nothings changed only i change or hope to change. sometimes its hard to tell if you are realy in love or blinded and maybe you should change yourself and stop wasting your time maybe one day it will be the end of the world with shrieks outside your door and it will be too late others do secret things in their space where they live or where they once worked their lives to boredom where a straw boss called their name out and they wished they were invisible and all of the coffee breaks in the world wont help you and social interaction will only fake you there is sometimes nothing that you can do so what are you supposed to think? when people call you, look at you, say they are coming over do you think that they are like little children trying to have fun until someone gets offended or someone talks bad about someone who isnt there or maybe you are happy until someone you love is in the hospital or is far away talking to people you dont know or on a boat under perfect darkened starry skies all alone you wish you could be there with them and you wish that two people could really be happy with each other it was easier when you were a child and everything that is happy and fun now is an attempt at recreating your backyard when you first saw others and dreamt that with them you could be happier than you were alone

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Band Quotes

  • Jack White: "Our first album is still my favorite because it sounds like Detroit to me."
  • Jack White: "I don't think we'll top it. Elephant is a close second. I love Elephant, but we're never gonna capture that Detroit rock n' roll like we did with the first one. It was good we got that out of the way. If we hadn't, I'd probably still be searching for that. Same with Let's Shake Hands, the first 45". We'll never top that, but as long as it's there, I can move on."
  • Jack White: "I still feel we've never topped our first album. It's the most raw, the most powerful, and the most Detroit-sounding record we've made. I went overboard with the rawness and the reverb though. That was the first time I produced a full album for us, and I definitely learned from the experience."
  • Jack White: "The first LP's really angry, you know. This LP [De Stijl] we tried to get a little cleaner. Maybe we changed from anger to bitterness."
  • Jack White: "People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I am not a crook."


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