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  • Jack White: "We were just goofing around. We just started doing this riff and there was this screwdriver laying there in the room so I started singing about it -- what I'd do with it; you know, being angry. We thought it sounded really good, and we thought, 'why don't we work on this?'"
  • Jack White: "I'd got threatened that week, just walking up the street and "Screwdriver" was retaliation. This feeling that I owe somebody I don't even know something, and at the same time my life is threatened. Like the line, 'I love people like a brother now/But I'm not going to be their mother now'. I don't need to owe anybody, I need to protect myself."



Tuesday morning now, I gotta have somewhere to go. I call up Tommy now, I call him on the telephone.
Won't you wake up and come with me now? I'm going to the pawn-and-loan. Walking down thirty-three, walking on thirty-o.
What am I supposed to think? I drop a nickel in the sink. I love people like a brother now, but I'm not gonna be their mother now.
What if someone walked up to me, and like an apple, cut right through me?
I'm not just gonna stand there grinnin'. I'm not the one who's sinnin'.

Now that you have heard my story now, I've got a little ending to it now. Whenever you go out alone, take a little dog a bone.
And think about your little sister, and then you got to drive it home with a screwdriver. I got a little feeling goin' now...

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