Sonic the Hedgehog (Issue 149)

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Issue 149 of the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics series was titled, "The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown part 4: Final Round".


Plot Synopsis

Main Story

Jules Hedgehog and his brother Chuck take a ship to go find Sonic and friends. Sonic discovers a nuclear missile and continues his fight with Issac, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Metal Sonic. Meanwile, the other Freedom Fighters find the ancient armory. Issac fires the base's weapons on the armory, but the FF have already escaped.

With Issac gone and Metal Sonic defeated, Sonic and Shadow call a truce to escape. They deactivate the missile. Sonic sprains his ankle, but Shadow throws him twoard the shuttle. Shadow leaves seperately while the shuttle barely escapes the base's self-destruct feature. Issac and Professor Kintobor, however, are both still alive, though the latter still in statis.

The Chosen One: part 1

Stealth the Hedghog and Professor Egg are fighting in out in their home zone, Zone 17. Suddenly, a giant hand destroys the zone. The owner of the hand enjoys this and continues onto another zone.

On Mobius Prime, Tails and Sonic are playing hide-and-seek when Zonic interupts them and takes them to the Perpendicular Zone. Zonic reveals that most zones have been destroyed by Mammoth Mogul, who was super-powered by Knuckles's shooting him in the chest with pure chaos power. He could now only be defeated by the Chosen One, Tails. Mogul interupts this by appearing, having destroyed all other zones besides the Perpendicular and Mobuis Prime. Every Zone Cop except Zonic attack Mogul, but to no effect. Zonic takes them to the basement, where he comments that he didn't know which Tails was the Chosen One, so he brought all of them from their zones before they were destroyed.

Dramatis Personae

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