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Being a robot, Metal Sonic has no gender; however, Metal Sonic is usually referred to as being male, since he is a robot based on a male character. As well as resembling Sonic, he can also perform Sonic's 'homing attack'. According to official polls, Metal Sonic is the most popular villain in the series, and the second most wanted character for future appearances, beaten only by Shadow the Hedgehog.


Metal Sonic first appearance in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics was during the Sonic CD adaptation, albeit he debuted under the name of "Mecha Sonic". Here, he raced Sonic, like in the game, as part of Dr. Robotnik's trap, but was destroyed at the end of the issue. Metal Sonic would later return in the special Knuckles' Chaotix adaptation issue. Here, he would be transformed into a giant red version of himself by an item known as a Power Gem, before being destroyed by a similarly empowered Knuckles.

Metal Sonic's next appearance was in a story where he would ambush Sonic and Tails (just one issue after Sonic defeated Silver Sonic II), . He had rebuilt himself, using the power gem that had empowered him as a power source, and boasted a new design that included an arm cannon. After kidnapping Tails, Metal Sonic made Sonic race for his friend's life towards the Mt. Mobius volcano. However, ultimately, it was Sonic's concern for Tails that showed Metal Sonic that he was wrong, and ultimately saved the two of them from the erupting volcano, similar to the events depicted in the anime.

A new Metal Sonic created from scratch by Dr. Robotnik appeared as part of a storyline involving a 3-way battle between himself, Shadow, and Sonic. Also featured in the battle was Shadow's robotic ally Isaac. This Metal Sonic would also appear at an abandoned laboratory formerly occupied by GUN. He had a brief battle with Shadow, but both combatants were disabled when a weapon Metal Sonic tried to use malfunctioned and exploded. He was last seen being carried off by Mecha, some time before she was betrayed by A.D.A.M. and destroyed.

One hundred "Metal Sonic Troopers" appeared following Sally Acorn's annulled wedding to Anti-Antoine, having been created by Rotor and Uncle Chuck as a special defense force to replace Sonic after his disappearance at the hands-or tentacles-of the Xorda. Their appearance was based on Neo Metal Sonic from Sonic Heroes. They ended up going berserk and destroying part of Eggman's base before moving on and ravaging Knothole, injuring Hope Kintobor in the process before being stopped by the combined efforts of Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Knuckles the Echidna. This group was also one of the few whom Eggman felt jealous of, as they came closer to destroying Sonic and the Freedom Fighters than he ever had.

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