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Sonic the Hedgehog is the lead character in the self-titled comic book series. In this universe, he lives on Planet Mobius in Knothole Village, where he belongs to a band of Freedom Fighters who fight the evil dictator Dr. Robotnik to prevent his quest for world conquest.




Sonic was born during the reign of King Maximillian Acorn, in Mobotropolis, the capital of the sovereign Kingdom of Acorn. His father, Jules Hedgehog, was a soldier in the Great War between Mobians and Overlanders. His mother, Bernadette Hedgehog, or Bernie for short, raised Sonic for some time with the aid of her brother in law, Jules' brother Sir Charles "Uncle Chuck" Hedgehog. The peaceful life Sonic shared with his parents was cut short when the evil Dr. Robotnik used Charles' Roboticizer machine to turn them into robot slaves.

Sir Charles did his best to raise Sonic on his own, while also trying to find a way to change Sonic's parents back to normal. Charles quit his position as Minister of Science, and opened a restaurant, selling Chili Dogs (and starting Sonic's lifelong love for that food). During this time, Sonic was friends with several of the future Freedom Fighters: Princess Sally Acorn, Rotor, and Antoine D'Coolette. Sonic also helped when Rosemary Prower went into labor, and was thus present at the birth of his future best friend Miles "Tails" Prower. That night, King Acorn made Warlord Julian the new Minister of Science. Julian immediately used his newfound power to take over the kingdom, trap the king in the Zone of Silence, and roboticize a large portion of Mobotropolis' population, renaming the city Robotropolis. Warlord Julian renamed himself 'Doctor Robotnik. Sonic helped many Mobians escape from the city to the hidden Knothole Village, where they were safe from Robotnik. Later, partly inspired by a doomed group of "Freedom Fighters" that had fought against Robotnik only to be roboticized, Sonic and his friends made an oath to be Freedom Fighters themselves. Sonic and the others would fight Robotnik for many years. Unfortunately, Sonic's Uncle Chuck fell into Robotnik's hands and was Roboticized, leaving Sonic alone except for his friends.

Freedom Fighter

Sonic had many adventures with the Freedom Fighters of Knothole village. Although most adventures were against Dr. Robotnik and his armies of SWATbots, Sonic also fought an evil alternate reality version of himself, the Anti-Freedom Fighters leader Evil Sonic (who later took on the name Scourge the Hedgehog), a Roboticized alternate reality version of Dr. Robotnik called Robo-Robotnik, and the early Metal Sonic robots. He also met Knuckles the Echidna, a hero he was destined to clash with many times over the years. During one of his adventures, he himself was subjected to Roboticization, becoming the villainous Mecha Sonic and wreaking havoc before being restored to normal.

As time went on, Sonic came to learn that he had a greater destiny. As Sonic Prime, the version of Sonic on which all others were based, he was destined to be the greatest hero of them all. In addition, the prophecies of the Ancient Walkers named him, Tails, and Knuckles as three beings destined to achieve a divine status. Opposed to allowing this to come to pass, the villain Mammoth Mogul made it his objective to prevent the trio from fulfilling their destinies.

Eventually, Dr. Robotnik was defeated and killed, seemingly bringing an end to Sonic's days as a hero. Unwilling to stop adventuring, Sonic joined Tails in a globe-trotting journey across Mobius, encountering numerous adversaries along the way. Their adventure culminated in a series of battles with Ixis Naugus, an evil wizard and former mentor of Robotnik's. After defeating him, the duo returned home, only to find themselves forced into another war. Robo-Robotnik, having destroyed the Sonic in his own dimension, came forward to replace Robotnik Prime as the primary antagonist of the Freedom Figters and the Kingdom of Acorn.

Like many other Mobians, Sonic was among those who joined in the battle against the menacing Xorda aliens. Although learning from Sally's handheld computer NICOLE that he would die in the attempt, Sonic sped towards the Quantum Dial weapon to destroy it. Instead of dying, however, Sonic found himself hurtled to the other side of the galaxy. Six weeks passed for him as he made his way home, having a number of adventures along the way. Upon arriving on Mobius, he found that a great deal had changed in his absence. The Eggman Empire and the Kingdom of Acorn were locked in a state of open war, and a number of other circumstances had been drastically altered.

Slowly adjusting to the new Mobius, Sonic found himself facing a number of difficulties. Old foes such as Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus, together with their Destructix minions, arose to threaten Sonic and his friends once again. He was also forced to deal with new enemies, including the computer virus A.D.A.M. and the Dark Legion renegade Dr. Finitevus. Battling the former involved a clash over every Chaos Emerald in the universe, which resulted in the gems being sent to the Zone of Silence. Finitevus' schemes caused Sonic to repeatedly clash with his Anti-Mobius counterpart Scourge the Hedgehog and with other enemies under his banner. Moreover, Finitevus' plans included restoring power to Dimitri, Knuckles' most formidable adversary and the former leader of the civil war wracked Dark Legion. During a mission that took him back to the Bem homeworld of Argentium, Sonic also became one of the first to learn of the threat posed to Mobius by Black Doom and the Black Arms. More information concerning the alien menace was revealed to Sonic during a brief teamup with his rival Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic was involved in a sting operation that resulted in the capture of several fugitives including Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, Bark the Polarbear, Bean the Dynamite, and Nack the Weasel. Sonic also agreed to be the best man at Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine D'Coolette's wedding, with Sally as the maid of honor.

Possible Futures

In the possible future timeline Mobius: 25 Years Later, Sonic is the King of Mobius and is married to Sally with two children named Sonia and Manik. This Sonic has undergone a drastic change, no longer speaking with his old friends. In addition, he is increasingly aloof, and doubts his abilities as a politician. King Sonic disappeared during an attempt to send him back in time to try and prevent Mobius' destruction due to time stream collapse.

However, some alteration of the continuim rewrote history so that Sonic has been replaced as king by Shadow, who is also married to Sally, while his children Manik and Sonia were erased from existence. He is found living on the streets of Portal, Angel Island by Tails and Lara-Su and has retained his memories of the original future. The three are shortly imprisoned, and must convince Knuckles to set them free. After succeeding, Sonic attempts to engage Shadow in combat, but is quickly defeated, though Knuckles' daughter Lara-Su is able to subdue Shadow using nearly identical chaos powers to those of Shadow. Once Sonic recovers, he and Sally agree to a relationship with Sonic retaking his role as king, Sonic even asking Sally about the possibility of having children.

Similar in nature to the original Mobius: 25 Years Later is a future where Sonic and Sally are married as King and Queen. They have two children, possibly Sonia and Manik, and the two youngsters are possessed of super speed. This is the same future from which Sally's supercomputer NICOLE came.


Most of Sonic's abilities are in keeping with his video game counterpart, including his super-speed. Notably, while this version of Sonic was adventuring in outer space he was implanted with a device allowing him to understand all languages (including regular animals). Although the question of how Sonic acquired his super speed is seemingly never addressed in the games, the comic indicates he has had it since birth.


The Archie comic has the most complex love triangles of all Sonic related media. Love interests within the series include Sally Acorn, Amy Rose, Mina Mongoose, and Fiona Fox.

Present Day

Very early in the comic's run, the series was composed primarily of slapstick humor much like AoStH. Sonic met Princess Sally, who had lost her father, and they worked together as Freedom Fighters. As time went on, the SatAM story was adapted more, and Sonic and Sally were childhood friends who worked together as members of the Freedom Fighters in order to defeat Robotnik. Sally in the comic series was more established as the leader, whereas in the SatAM they worked together more to lead the team. During this time, the two would show interest in one another. However a recurring obstacle would become present in their relationship (as well as Sonic’s relations to other girls by his trouble with receiving returning affections to the girls he was interested in (Sonic Live-- Sally trying to bristle/kiss Sonic, and issue 99—Mina tries to kiss Sonic). In the beginning, Bunnie showed a slight interest in Sonic during Rabbit Deployment, but decided that Sonic and Sally already had something together and ended up with Antoine later in the series.

Meanwhile Amy would enter the comic in the Sonic CD adaptation in Sonic the Hedgehog #25 as someone who sent letters of admiration to Sonic. She would also start a Sonic fanclub and be present at his trial (when Sally ordered for his arrest) to see him released. While Amy was interested in Sonic, she felt the rejection of her desires through what she interpreted as Sally trying to keep Sonic all to herself.

Sally Acorn would become caught in a love triangle between herself, Sonic and St. John, head of her father's secret service (and her love interest within the Sally Acorn Mini Series). Sonic and Geoffery constantly exchanged rude comments, arguments or fights in response to the tension leaving her at the center of frustration. In the end, Sally acknowledged to St. John that while there was something between them, that her heart belonged to Sonic and that she needed to see what she had with him before honestly being able to move forward (Brave New World). Sally's answer to St. John didn't make him give up on her, and tension with Sonic would continue throughout the "Sword of Acorns" story arc. Meanwhile, a new love interest was born in the form of Mina. Mina Mongoose would come into the picture in Sonic the Hedgehog #76 as a girl who Sonic would disclose the pain he felt towards the roboticization of his family when she mourned of the roboticization of her own mother. After that, Sonic and Mina wouldn't interact for awhile and Mina initially didn't care too much for Sonic's attitude. However her perception of him changed upon walking in on a tender moment between Sonic and his family. Sonic was getting ready to head for Station Square with the freedom fighters (for the Sonic adventure arc). However, his parents learned how afraid he was to leave them alone again after being apart for so many years.

Post Sonic Adventure, Mina and Sonic's relationship began development. They got to know each other more throughout the 90s where many of the freedom fighters were in and out of Sonic's life, or in Sally's case entirely absent. The only family member who confided in (Uncle Chuck) was roboticized in Robotropolis.

An even darker cloud overshadowed Sonic's life when he stole the sword of Acorns to restore his Uncle's free will that the roboticizer took from him. As he raced to go to Robotropolis to save his Uncle, he would meet Mina again, and the two got into a verbal argument. Sonic was upset at Mina going back to Robotropolis despite the dangers, and Mina lectured Sonic about stealing the King's sword. Sonic wouldn't keep the sword much long afterwards as they were ambushed by Eggman's Combots. During the attack, Sonic lost the sword in order to save Mina.

When back at Knothole, pressure from King Max's secret service grew as they began to link Sonic to the sword's theft. Geoffery (who became Elias' advisor), worked hard to use his new powers to impress Sally with his leadership (over her brother), and to antagonize Sonic. During this time, Mina did her best to protect him from Geoffery (by trying to cover up the fact he stole the sword). As a result Hershey (another member of the secret service) and Mina made a deal that she would confess Sonic's guilt if he was spared prison. Despite this, Geoffery would compel Elias (who was active ruler of Knothole) to take away Sonic's knighthood and to keep him from being a champion of Knothole (by cutting him out of the kingdom's affairs).

Mina's significance within this time period also was due to the fact she helped cheer Sonic up when he was down (as the freedom fighters weren't very active in trying to playing a big role in his life), and was someone he flirted with in private. But when she finally mustered the courage to express her feelings through kissing, she would fall victim to Sonic's slow progression to express intimacy and would perceive his behavior which she described as "more surprised than pleased" (Sonic 109, The Crush) as rejection.

Meanwhile, Sally, who was locked away within the palace for awhile, finally decided to make an exit to see Sonic again. Posing as a servant girl, she exited the palace, and while on her way to see Sonic, saw the kiss between Mina gave to him. Sally interpreted this moment as Sonic entering a serious relationship while she was away, and from that point tried to distance her friendship. It was only until Mina sought Sally for support due to Sonic's problems had affections (the kiss), that Sally understood their relationship didn't develop into what she had assumed just yet.

In Sonic #111, Sonic envisions both girls when the subject of girlfriends becomes a topic of discussion. But as time passed, while Sally sat on the sidelines, Mina took charge of her pursuit of Sonic. In issue 120, she joined the freedom fighters to become closer to Sonic since he was no longer barred from being Knothole's hero like he was when they got to know each other. Since joining Mina received training with the freedom fighters in swordplay, piloting, compter programming and physical education. But by her her first mission alone, she would realize, that she wasn't using any of the skills she had originally or that the freedom fighters had taught her because she only cared about being near Sonic. Realizing the danger missions would impose on her life Mina would quit the Freedom Fighters due to her lack of genuine motivation to save the world (since then she has worked as the tactician of the Sonic Angels team). Feeling down about having to give up her time with Sonic, Mina took a bath and started singing. This got Sonic's attention and he managed her first performance onstage.

The (first) performance bothered as she noticed that Sonic had not only learned to provide affections back to Mina, but in public. (Sonic #121). Her confidence was greatly shaken during Sonic and Mina's duet in Sonic #122. Bunnie noticed Sally's intimidation towards Sonic and Mina's building relationship and reassured her that she meant more to Sonic than anything. With Bunnie's advice, Sally decided she had to make a move for Sonic. Hence In Sonic #123, Sally and Mina would be the ones to end developments on the love triangle. In the story, before Mina could confess her desire to go out with Sonic, she would walk in on a moment involving Sonic providing affections to Sally, neither knowing she was there. Her reaction was not unlike Sally's when she saw Sonic and Mina kissing, in the sense she had assumed that even despite the affections Sonic had given her, that she never had a place in Sonic's heart. Mina would stop her efforts in building a romantic relationship, and has since tried to move on as his friend whom he still went to when his spirits were broken (issue 123, Last Robian). Meanwhile Sally would with more confidence in her relationship with Sonic, chose him to be her royal consort to one day be her husband.

Following an adventure soon after the arrangement, Sonic was lost in space for a year; this affecting Sally deeply as the world would assume he was dead. Hence when he returned Sally didn't want to feel the pain of losing him again, and wanted in turn someone prepared to rule at her side as the future king. For this reason, she provided an ultimatum: choose to be with her and handle palace affairs at her side, or to be a hero. Sonic refused to give up his heroic nature in Sonic #134, and in Sonic #138 Sally declared their relationship "over." Meanwhile, Mina chose to continue her attempts to move on while Sonic supposedly died, and began dating her manager. Following Sonic's return, she would juggle her feelings for Sonic, and not wanting to break Ash's heart like Sonic had done to her unintentionally.

Evil Sonic, a version of Sonic from another universe, had tricked Sonic's love interests into believing Sonic had interest in them. Evil Sonic's first target was Mina as he watched her leave with Amy and Ash. Evil Sonic waited by Mina's house and they went out to the lake where Evil Sonic tried being affectionate to Mina. Mina then remembered that she was in a committed relationship with Ash and effectively left Evil Sonic who would then go out with Amy. After Amy, Evil Sonic put moves on Bunnie and then left with Rouge for Angel Island. Sonic was left with setting things straight with the females, which was done off panel in later issues.

For awhile, Mina had been torn between Sonic and Ash, and the issue between them butted heads when Ash would reveal to Mina his insecurities that she loved Sonic and not him. He would then break up with her afterwards because she couldn't deny it when he demanded it. As Ash's ex girlfriend, Mina would then set up a date with Sonic, and rejected any attempts to reconcile with Ash until a bomb (while trying to protect her) hurt him. When Mina got to Ash's hospital room, she would feel incredibly guilty, wishing the bomb had hurt her instead. It was then that she decided to reconcile with Ash by choosing him. What she didn't know was that Sonic had followed her to Ash's hospital room and would leave heartbroken soon after.

Sonic's heartbreaks would continue as King Max became ill, poisoned by the merciless Patch, an evil version of Antoine D'Coolette from an alternative universe, who wanted to rule the Kingdom. In response to this, Max told Sally she must rule in his place and that Antoine would be her husband. Sally would in response marry Antoine, much to Sonic's horror. Yet before Patch could ascend the throne with Sally as his queen, Elias would step in and take the throne. Elias' wife Meg had encouraged him to making the move to ensure a benevolent ruler take Max's place. Patch would respond by trying to kill Elias, but was stopped by Sonic who sent Patch back to his zone. Sally's brother would then deem Sally’s marriage to Patch void, and he told her she was now free to pursue her love life if she wanted.

Like Mina, Fiona didn't like Sonic at first, viewing him as selfish (for leaving her behind in one of Robotnik's prisons.) Her idea of him changed when he supposedly 'died' to protect Mobius from a worldwide threat, because she didn't believe someone could offer to risk his or her life and be as selfish as she thought Sonic was. Fiona's apparent romantic interests in Sonic gradually increased, which bothered Tails because of his affections towards her robotic version. Eventually confronting Sonic and Fiona about his feelings, Fiona responds by rejecting Tails in favor of Sonic because he is her age. Sonic and Fiona were together until Fiona revealed that she in fact was involved with Scourge the Hedgehog, and did not truly love Sonic. At the same time, Sonic has not made any moves to indicate he is over the rejections received by Mina and Sally. However, with her responsibilities as ruler taken over by Elias, Sonic now has no reason not to get back together with Sally if they can resolve their past arguments.

Possible Future

Two possible futures have shown Sonic married to Sally and having two children. Neither of these futures have been confirmed to be canon. However, in a third possible future (alternate Mobius: 25 Years Later), the two ended up together yet again, strongly hinting towards the two as a couple.

Alternate Selves

Sonic's alternate selves have made numerous appearances over the years. The first and most widespread of these was when Sonic teamed up with an innumerable number of his counterparts to battle an alternate version of Robotnik. This gathering occurred because of the appearance of that Robotnik's opponent Cyborg Sonic, in the main Sonic's world. Cyborg Sonic came from the same dimension as Robo-Robotnik, where Dr. Robotnik subjected the Freedom Fighters to partial Robotization, leaving them resembling the T-800 from the Terminator movies. Gifted with superior ability, the Freedom Fighters attacked Robotropolis, but were defeated when Robotnik fully Roboticized himself.

Some time after working together with his numerous counterparts, Sonic also joined forces with Sonic Underground Sonic. A classic superhero-themed group of Freedom Fighters from another dimension featured a version of Sonic with the stereotypical super-fast look, based on Vance Astro, a future version of Justice from The New Warriors and The Avengers, the story was based on the Marvel Comics series Guardians of the Galaxy.

Another recurring character is Zonic the Hedgehog. An alternate version of Sonic from the No Zone, he stands horizontally in Sonic's world as a result of different laws in their realities. Like Sonic, Zonic is a hero, a "Zone Cop" who watches the multiple realities for signs of trouble. He has appeared to Sonic several times to request his help, and has also called upon Tails. Zonic is also the one who revealed to Sonic the fact that Sonic is Sonic Prime, the one Sonic destined to save all dimensions. His primary objectives have included recording the actions of Scourge and preparing Tails for his eventual battle against the all powerful Master Mogul.

Whereas Zonic is nearly identical to Sonic, Evil Sonic/Scourge the Hedgehog is the exact opposite. Coming from the Anti-verse, Evil Sonic led a team composed of evil versions of the Freedom Fighters. In his dimension, Evil Sonic terrorizes with an iron fist, his only opposition being the kindly Dr. Kintobor and the pacifistic Anti-Knuckles. Clad in shades, a biker jacket and black boots, Evil Sonic still retains his super-speed abilities and physical appearance. Later on in time, Evil Sonic undergoes an appearance change in an attempt to drain the Master Emerald. Now more powerful, the only things that have really changed about his appearance are his fur becoming green, eyes becoming icy blue, and the addition of flames to his jacket and red frames to his shades.

Nominal Problems

Sonic's parents and uncle called him by his real name, and for Sonic, this would pose a problem. In an older issue during a meeting with Knuckles and Julie-Su, Sonic's father, Jules, called out his middle name,Maurice. At first everyone was confused, except Sonic, who was obviously embarrassed. When Jules tried to explain, Sonic interrupted and said "My name is Sonic, PERIOD!" Antonie D'Coolette cracked up and had a plan to tell the others, but Sonic stopped him before he embarrassed him anymore than he already was. A possible reason why Sonic doesn't want his real name known was probably because he didn't want his social status degraded.

However, this is present only in the comics and is not mentioned anywhere else. His real name in the games and everywhere else is, in fact, Sonic the Hedgehog.

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