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The Past

In the comics, Ixis is the creator of the parallel dimension, the Zone of Silence. Here, he is actually the fusion of three separate beings, sorcerers and members of the occult "Order of Ixis". Their names were all anagrams of "Naugus": the rhino Agunus, master of earth; the bat Nusgau, master of wind; and the lobster Suguna, master of water. The three combined originally in an attempt to gain knowledge of the Days of Fury, the apocalyptic cataclysm that transformed Earth into Mobius. This goal was apparently never reached, and was later revealed to be the work of the Xorda.

Naugus was once the court wizard, appointed by King Frederick Acorn, but his position became little more than ceremonial upon the arrival of Nate Morgan. Desperate to hold on to his power as magic became superfluous in the face of advancing technology, Naugus formed an alliance with Warlord Kodos. Thanks to their deceptions, Nate was forced into exile. However, Naugus was himself imprisoned in his own Zone by Dr. Robotnik.


Ixis would later escape from the Zone of Silence after years of being imprisoned, with his servants Kodos, Feist-whom Naugus defeated using his magic-and Uma Arachnis. Though he was defeated in his first appearance, Ixis would later return by mind-controlling King Acorn, whose body was turning into crystal due to his own tenure in the Zone. This effort failed, and Ixis escaped again, leading Sonic and Tails to go on a mission to hunt him down and bring him to justice. They eventually tracked Naugus to the southern tundras of Mobius, where they met Nate Morgan and Eddie the Yeti.

Naugus revealed his plan to absorb all of the Power Rings that Morgan had created, and when he made the attempt, he, Sonic, and Tails were empowered in a climactic faceoff. The battle resulted in Eddie sacrificing himself, and Naugus being sealed back into the Zone by Nate making a wish on a personal Power Ring contained in his eyepiece. Sonic would later revisit the site of this battle, only to accidentally release Naugus again. Sonic defeated him, and Ixis remained absent until his return when his servants, the Arachne, used the Sword of Acorns to release him from his dimension.

Alliance with Mammoth Mogul

Possessing the Sword of Acorns, he went to Knothole Village and battled Mammoth Mogul for the Crown of Acorns. After learning that Mogul was the leader of the original Ixis society, he gave Mammoth Mogul the Sword of Acorns and became his right hand man. As a result, Ixis became second-in-command of a force consisting of his Arachne, Mogul's Destructix, and the two wizards themselves. Despite the powers of Naugus and his allies, the artifacts of Acorn were destroyed.

Naugus, Mogul, and the others then came under fire from the Egg Fleet, and were transported to Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chamber. According to the reports of Rouge the Bat, he later escaped with Mogul, abandoning the Destructix and the Arachne. It is possible that he was released by A.D.A.M., though this seems unlikely as A.D.A.M., under the alias Anonymous, attempted to get Naugus and other threats to his own power out of the way. In addition, perhaps unbeknownst to Naugus, his former ally Feist has taken his place as ruler of the Zone of Silence, fusing all the Chaos Emeralds transported there by Super Sonic, Turbo Tails, and Super Shadow into seven more powerful gems. Feist has also sided with Sonic against Naugus, which could lead to future confrontation between the two villains.

As a result of his partnership with Mogul, Naugus apparently lost his elemental abilities, replacing them with powerful shadow magic. Unfortunately, he also appears to have been reduced to little more than dumb muscle, possibly as a result of his imprisonment in the Egg Grape Chamber. Despite this, he was defeated by the Freedom Fighters after being lured into a trap by Rouge the Bat, who claimed to have stolen the Master Emerald. Along with his master, Nack the Weasel, Bean the Dynamite, and Bark the Polar Bear, he was then placed in prison.


Greedy beyond belief, Ixis Naugus is willing to go to any lengths to increase his own power. Incredibly vengeful, he never forgets being offended, and does his best to pay those who have done so back. Naugus is also partly if not completely insane, making him a dangerous and unpredictable opponent. His mental state has also made him relatively fearless, allowing him to insult his lessers or betters without qualm. As with many villains, he sees his minions only as pawns to use in his various schemes. Following his escape from the Egg Grape Chamber, he has seemingly been robbed of his intelligence.


Naugus commands all four of the classical elements; earth, air, fire and water. His greatest desire is to take control of the unique 'fifth element' of Mobius; the Power Ring. As well as these specific capabilities, Naugus is a powerful wielder of Ixian Magic, second only to Mammoth Mogul, though the full range of effects that can be achieved through the use of these disciplines remain to be seen. Naugus also had enhanced physical attributes derived from his hybrid body. Naugus is also omnipotent while inside the Zone of Silence, but anywhere else his powers are dramatically decreased. For all of that, he is still a powerful opponent.

Since joining up with Mammoth Mogul, Naugus appears to have gained new magical abilities, including the Shadow-Meld power that allows him to disappear and reappear at will. These do not appear to be as formidable as his normal elemental magic, since using them he was defeated easily by the Freedom Fighters.

After being infused with a large amount of Power Rings, Ixis Naugus achieved a power level akin to that of a Super transformation. However, no name was given for this form, and it was only temporary. Since then, he has never assumed such level of power again.

In "SatAM", he was also shown having the ability to transform himself and others, as seen in the episode The Void wherein he changes Robotnik's head into that of a slug, a crow, an ape, and finally a pig. He also transforms himself to look like King Acorn in order to trick Sonic into freeing him from the Void. Naugus also had some abilities of persuasion, making him capable of forcing Sally to tell him about Sonic. Magic allowed Naugus to manipulate matter inside the Void, traditionally summoning structures of crystal such as chairs, buildings, and barriers.


  • Due to Mammoth Mogul's revelation of his founding the Order, it has been revealed that Ixis is not in fact Naugus' name, but a title given to the head of the Order.
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