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Issac is a golden robot, dedicated to serve Professor Kintobor.


Pre-Sonic History

Over 10,000 years ago, Issac was built as an Alpha 100 Series Mechanoid. Professor Clarke designed his hardware, while Doctor Niven programmed his software. Kintobor was the leading cyberneticist. Neither Clarke nor Niven was related to Gerald Robotnik. Kintobor was part of the team that dissected the Xorda embassary. When the Xorda unleashed their gene-bomb on the planet, Kintobor locked himself in statis, with Issac monitoring his status. Later Issac recorded various points of history, such as Mammoth Mogul's conquest, the founding of Echidna civilization, and the coronation of the First King Acorn.

Current Times

Shadow released Issac from a container upon his arrival on the station. He observed everything that went on in the station. When Sonic when toe-to-toe with Shadow and Metal Sonic, Issac also joined in. After the floor gave way, Sonic escaped on a motorized car. Shadow chased on foot, while MS and Issac took a car.

Issac noted the anagram of Robotnik and Kintobor and related his history to MS. Afterwards, Issac continued to combat Sonic in the nuclear missil room, but left to stop the Freedom Fighters in the armory, but he failed. Soon after, he went and preserved Kintobor

Abilities and Traits

Issac is highly analytical, calculating things to the tenth of a percent. Designed identically to Dr. Robotnik's E-100 Series, Issac may have somehow been the model for them. Having a gun on one arm, free hand in the other.


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