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[edit] Welcome to MUMEpedia

MUMEpedia is a wiki encyclopedia for the Multi-Users in Middle-Earth (MUME) MUD (multi-user dungeon). It was created to gather in one place some important information for playing the game, and make the game easier for new players, and players that haven't spent the last 10 years playing it 6-12 hours per day.

There are/will be some information posted here that is 'frowned' upon by MUME 'management'. This information will include, but not be limited, to: stats of objects, quests solutions, supermobs locations and strategy, advice on staves, herblore, etc. etc. I am firm beliver in playing games for fun and occasionaly, not wasting months and years of your life just to prove that you can.

Every information that helps is welcome here! I will not delete or 'hide' any information despite any threats from MUME "management" for three reasons:

  1. Most or all of this information is already available scattered around the web. This place serves just as an 'aggregator'
  2. The first amendment protects everyone's right of free speech. And as I do not harm anyone's profit or physucal person by doing this (MUME is free, non-for-profit), unless someone legally demonstrates that I have violated a trademark or other commercial or legal interest, all of this information is here to stay.
  3. The game is so hard, that even with all this information here it is still very hard for a new user to advance, but at least it is somewhat easier.


[edit] What is MUME

MUME stands for Multi Users in Middle Earth and takes the form of an interactive on-line game commonly refered to as a MUD. The world of MUME is based on works by J.R.R. Tolkien which come alive through both the scenery and the creatures inhabiting this virtual middle earth.

Interactions on the game can consist of individual adventures, large scale battles between the forces of good and evil or simply a stroll with friends through the countryside.

MUME is very advanced in its coding, featuring on-line world creation, and numerous improvements in areas such as battle, mobile special effects and specialized race attributes.

[edit] How can I play MUME

  • The main server is at on port 4242. Also available by the DNS at 4242
  • You can use any telnet client on any operating system to connect to the hosts/ports above
  • If you want to have some things automated, you should use a MUD client
  • The most well known clients are: zMud, JMC, PowWow, CanCan and TinTin (just google them)
  • MUME also has an official web site which has the complete in-game HELP in html format. Read at least the NEWBIE guides before playing.

[edit] Some core topics to start with

Advice on Choosing Stats for different classes - Taken from Alie's page on Elven Runes
Secret Doors - Names of secret doors in different rooms. It might be outdated and not complete. To be continued.
Mume Skills And Spells - All the skills and spells on MUME, the stat modifiers, where to practice them, etc.
Equipment / Items - Items in MUME, stats, etc.
Grays Overview of MUME - his thoughts and advice, a bit outdated but still a great read
Corrupting Anti-Evil Items - Gray's advice
Improving Lockpicks - Gray's advice
Making a Focus Item
MUME Quests and Solutions
MUME Supermobs and Solutions

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