Making a Focus Item

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To create focus you must be at least 21 level and very good alignment person (sent to Arda - after last changes). You must collect some foci ingridients (see STAVES on secured part for info about staff parts), kill Old Man Willow and get blue crystal from his corpse (this component needed for all foci-type items).

If you wanna make a staff, bring oak branch to the carpenter in Blue Mountains and let him make from it carved oak staff. Carpenter sees shrouded btw. Both components must be blessed; staff must be also enchanted (by owner only!). Then go to the Harlond, find Cirdan Shipwright and say him "sail west". Follow him to pier and wait until White Ship arrives (i.e. until midnight). Board it and sail to the Eressea. After you arrive, board ferry to Valinor (in same room in Eressea). All foci must be created in highest tower (from ferry some up, 12-15 rooms south-west and then up again).

To create foci staff you must have in inventory carved staff and blue crystal, and "cast 'create focus' staff". To make pale blue stone needed topaz (loads on Mormaeg the Spider) and crystal. For sapphire ring you have to have one of rings of power (ruby/iron/copper/jewelled/banded) and dip it into one of magic pools in Valinor before creating focus. Sun pool will add 5 OB, moon - 5 DB, star - +10 attack spell and -10 spellsave. However, you may dip ring in the one pool only. You must dip ring in proper time: i.e. in sun pool - during sunrise, etc. Moon pool located on Eressea (Tower), other two in Valinor (i.e. after ferry). Also make sure you are trying to dip RIGHT ring, not just some ardaring;)

Use keywords 'ironring', 'rubyring', etc.

To create crystal phial dip adamant (loads on Mithnaur the Dragon) into one of pools too. The moon pool and sun pool no one is 100% sure about but I have a pretty good idea what they do. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who has ever tried to make all 3 phials so my info is about as acurate as you can get. The phial made from the moon pool which like I said I cant say for 100% should do a magic blast which takes down evil spells like shield and armour. I use it in room with evil and everyone evil in room cries out in pain and I noticed I was shattering bns I fight more often after using it. It would be difficult however to just go and ask them if they noticed there spells dropping though. And the phial dipped in sunpool I think takes moves away from all evil mobs/players in the room and gives them to you. I used and all evil cries out in pain I leave and notice I have almost full moves after running down oer right smack into an orc group. Well star pool phial is the only one I'm 100% about blesses everyone in room for about a full mume day and takes about as long to recharge as a pbs. (credits to p(Norglin))

After that you can take sail back to the mortal land, and embed things into your staff (if you did make it). Just go into proper shop (where you can buy/ sell embedding thing) and type, at example, "embed opal staff". It costs some money btw. You can embed max 3 things, and all they must be different.

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