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[edit] Basic Info

Thunderton's Northern District during the winter.

Creator: Tyler

  • Thunderton is a peaceful city west of Cappy Town. It is connected to the rest of Pop-Star through Speedy Highway, a long road populated by Street Hobos and pine trees.
    Thunderton is also one of Pop-Star's main power reserves; the waterfall in the Northern District has been modified to pump electricity to the planet.

[edit] Attractions

  • Thunderton is known for having the only aquarium on Pop-Star known. It has a couple species now, like penguins, crocodiles, and hermit crabs. It's also home to Red Rupee, the tavern owned by Tingle. Thunderton is also the home to Thunderton Live's radio tower (obviously).
    Thunderton Aquarium. This is the crocodile exhibit.

[edit] Directions

  • Head west from Northwest Cappy Town; then keep going from the KDWR Station. You'll be at Speedy Highway; follow down the road until you reach Thunderton.

[edit] Hidden Features

  • In the Thunderton Aquarium, there is a secret place where you can walk into the black area, and from there you can get into the exhibits! It's in the northern part of the aquarium. As soon as you get to the north area, walk left. You'll enter the black area, where you can pretty much do anything you want. A star in the black area of the entrance will warp you to the other side.
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