Speedy Highway

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[edit] Basic Info

Creator: Tyler

Speedy Highway's bridge.

[edit] Attractions

  • Not much is here, except a great bridge and plenty of fresh-smelling pines. Street Hobos gang up the area, asking for money... you can beat 'em, though!

Also lies here is Tomato Temple.

[edit] Directions

  • Head west of the KDWR Radio Tower, which is left of Northwest Cappy Town.

[edit] Hidden Features

  • One of the two secret tunnels on Speedy Highway is near the entrance to Thunderton, behind the pine tree. It goes up and to the right of the waterfall in Thunderton, where 200 coins lay.
  • The second one is the map to the right of the Thunderton entrance. You will see a coin in the wall. A tunnel will lead you there.
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