Cappy Town

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[edit] Basic Info

Cappy Town is pretty much the basis of the whole game's affairs, it includes these fine resorts so far, and a list off to the side along with the settings to follow

  • In the Town Square is a dig-Site, where you can find a mysterious key, off to the side is the Temple of Time.
  • Up farther is the Trade Road and Zoo, the Sprite Shop, the dump, and the Shops.
  • To the east not too far is two Inns, and a hidden area is around here. go up from there and THEN turn left to reach the gardens.
  • Going farther east takes you to the Restaurant Grounds, and going South leads to a Bank, the Waterfall club, and the Smash Club, and going further leads to Dyna Mountain
  • Going east from Town square straight can either take you to Wispy Woods or the Justice System area, and going further brings you to KDWR. Yet farther will bring you to Thunderton. Gouing north will take you to the Arena, the Academy, the Water park, and ANOTHER secret spot. Entering the small house is not advised, as you get killed almost instantly if you're too new.

[edit] Directions

  • Just go north of the Hang-Out and through the fields!

[edit] Attractions

  • Cappy Town is the main hub for the game. You'll find many, many things here. Usually members hang out around this area.

[edit] Hidden Features

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