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The Freikorps is a difficult thing to define. Really, it could be described simply as a group of RPers that started on a forums site called the Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy. More than that though, the Freikorps have a back story as well as canon information.

Non Canon

The Freikorps began at FESS, mentioned above, as an informal, godmoddy group merging from a larger group called Saintco, who had launched a godmod war against other members on the site--all in good fun, of course. See the Nightmare Restaurant for more information.


The Freikorps are the military organization of the Terran Sphere, originating on the planet Terra Magna, which is the name by which Earth came to be known. The Freikorps are headed by one central figure, who is referred to as the Commander-in-Chief, but who also holds a regular rank.

The ranks themselves are divided amongst three divisions: the BattleFleet, the Marines, and FighterCommand. There is also a catagory system in place as well, which is made up the General Staff, the Stahlhelm (a special forces catagory), and the Regulars.

Much can be said about the Freikorps technological capabilities. While it is given that the Freikorps have some of the more advanced technology in the Milky Way and Andromeda, compared to the Val'diri they and much of known space are rather primitive.

The Freikorps have many enemies and allies. Some of the more notable allies and/or favorably disposed nations include the Takaran Empire and the Val'diri. The Takaran Empire, cenetered around the world Takari is somewhat of a counterpart to the Terran Sphere, and has its own version of the Freikorps called the Galactic Armada. Zeth Holt is the primary figure when talking about Takaran and Terran relations, because he was once the leader of the Galactic Armada before joining with the Freikorps, becoming somewhat of a liaison when the situation calls for it. The Val'diri, though not technically "allied" with the Freikorps, are a favorably disposed race.

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