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FESS stands for Fire Emblem Sanctuary of Strategy, and was a Fire Emblem (a Nintendo video game series) based forum website. It is also the site where the Freikorps began and on which the Comm is based. It has moved and changed forms several times, but is now dead.



FESS1 was started by a small group of friends, and was ultimately moved away from because the site began to gain more members and information than the host could support.


FESS2 was the first site to see the Freikorps.


FESS3 was viewed as a complete failure, and a move was never fully accomplished.


FESS4 was originally found at a domain called, but this was taken over by a bot, which forced the staff to move the site to yet another new forum. FESS4 saw the biggest growth of Freikorps activity, and is considered its true original home. The Freikorps remained active there primarily in a thread called The Nightmare Restaurant. When the restaurant was closed, the Freikorps were temporarily dislocated.


FESS5. The last site the forums were located at. FESS ultimately met its demise at the hands of its own members. A combination of apathy, laziness, and elitism is commonly blamed, and the consistently returning root administrator eventually put his foot down and said that he could neither leave the forums in the hands of incompetent nor continue to fund it.

The AshTray

The core remnant of FESS and a large chunk of its memberbase relocated here in an effort to save the comradery.

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