Vladimir Gerut

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Warning: Due to the fact that not all information about Vladimir is known, there may be some information in here that is either false (due to people believing the said false data) or not here (due to nobody knowing the said data)
This character was created by Joat


Basic Statistics

Vladimir Gerut
“Yeah, I’m excited to find out how I got here, but… I’m also a bit afraid. What if I don’t like the answer I get. And what if I found out that I may never see my family again?” (internal)
Race: Ottsel
Gender: Male
Class: He has no class, nice guy though he is.
Age: 13
Appearance: Brown fur with milky-white paws/underbelly
Special Abilities: None
Unsloved Mysteries: How he arrived in this dimension and why he became an ottsel when he did so.
Birthplace: The real world
Current Home: Windfeather


Vladimir is an ordinary child put into extraordinary circumstances. He is still coming to terms with the fact that everything he thought were the laws of reality no longer apply here, but with the aid of his friends, he is making good progress.

Vladimir is humble in nature. He has a habit of underestimating himself and his abilities. He is at his best when under pressure.


Vladimir was born in a modest two-story house in Boston. Other than an above-average intelligence, he was very much a normal child.

However, one day, he woke up in the somewhat scorched front lawn of a house in this dimension’s Boston. He was at the exact same address, but a mansion was there instead of his house. It is there that he met Maxine Marimote, the daughter of the billionaire living in the mansion. She knew him by name. When he asked why, she pointed out scorch marks on the mansion walls and lawn and explained that an evil man named Sardor was attacking the mansion earlier, but uttered Vladimir’s name and fled when Vladimir appeared, unconscious, in a ball of light. She assumed, then, that Vladimir was a hero.

Vladimir explained to Maxine that he was no hero by any means, but it was still clear to both of them that people would be expecting great things from him and, even worse, Sardor might try to come and destroy him. Together, they determined that Vladimir was from another dimension, a much more realistic dimension.

Maxine and Vladimir, upon further research, found that there was some weird interdimensional activity occuring to the far south. Without asking permission from Mr. Marimote, Maxine decided to take Vladimir to that place aboard the Windfeather. Maybe they could find some answers there?

On their way to the southern part of the LPW section of the world, Maxine and Vladimir had to make a stop to restock supplies. They landed right outside a town that Maxine was unfamiliar with. The structures there seemed a tad small and primitive, but she would not be picky.

The first thing they found there was a kobold rushing out of town. The kobold, Kapl had just been exiled from the town, which it turned out was a kobold town named Fyaul. Kapl, having nowhere else to go, decided to accompany the two on their voyage.

The three sailed on through the skies. Having not restocked supplies at Fyaul, they stopped at a large port town named Tidenel. Though they were fully prepared to park outside, they were happy to find that the town had an area specifically for guest airship parking, for a modest fee.

While Maxine browsed the town for supplies, Vladimir and Kapl headed to a nearby park. It was there that they met a most peculiar squirrel, who they soon found out was not a squirrel at all, named Pandora Box. Upon hearing Vladimir’s tale, Pandora became intrigued and agreed to come along for the ride.


Father: Johan Gerut
Mother: Rosanne Gerut

Vladimir’s First Appearance…

In LPL: Vladimir touched a magical False Lead and was teleported into the Lollipop Forest.

In LPW: Vladimir, with his friends, were caught in a snowstorm in the snowfield.

In KeenFans RP 2.01: N/A



Did you know…?

  • The creator of this character, Joat, has never actually played the game that the species comes from.
  • The name Vladimir was used once before by Joat in a story he is writing named “The Great Forest”. In TGF, the name belongs to an aged stag.
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