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Teleros' current avatar.

A 20 year old bunny currently at Exeter University, a big fan of science fiction & fantasy & debating, his first real foray into EGS Mayhem came when Fort Mayhem was established to defend against the Evil Overlords United webcomic. In the main EGS forum he has a habit of setting fire to newbies whilst glomping them, but does provide fire extinguishers free of charge. He also has a fondness for debating, role-playing, real-world (or at least self-consistent) physics, and TF guns. Make of it what you will.
It should be noted that Teleros' avatar has no relation to any of his characters.



Teleros doesn't tend to bother with a physical form, preferring to remain as an invisible, disembodied intelligence. This doesn't stop him assuming a shape or creating a "puppet" to act through though.

Characters (Fantasy)

Characters (Sci-Fi)


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