The Plague of 2006

From Egs Mayhem

In the year of our Lord 2006, a young man named TeddVerres picked up a strange virus from an acquaintance. It immediately sent itself out to all those in his MSN Contacts list, and the Great Keenspot Plague of 2006 began.

The virus quickly spread like wildfire throughout the forums, with many such as catldr24 succumbing to its supremely irritating effects. The flow was stemmed when the good Sir Lomgren posted the antidote: a good dose of Sophos and Avira.

Some, like TingYi and Grim Atescu, owned Macs and luckily escaped the plague. Others, like Drow Bunny, were saved by their reclusion and avoidance of IM.




"Well. By curious coincidence, I also picked up the virus from a guy I knew at school. Nonetheless, that didn't make it any less annoying.

The first symptoms were it autosending itself about once every thirty seconds to everyone in my buddies list, then attempting to close the windows. I was forced to sign out.

The next day, my brothers told me the computer wouldn't start at all. Sure enough, whenever I attempted a logon, the computer would invariably go to the Blue Screen of Death. I tried starting the computer in Safe Mode, which worked fine. I ran several McAfee virus scans, none of which turned up anything. I had to call McAfee itself. I listened to light music for about an hour or so total, interspersed with "Your call is important to us"s and "Our operators are busy"s. Eventually I got on to someone, who sent me an email with standard procedure to remove viruses, which didn't work.

I eventually gave up on McAfee and instead tried Lommy's cure, which has worked fine so far. So far."


I'm sorry to say that, chances are, I was the source of the great Keenspot Plauge. I was simply playing around on the internet when I got a MSN hit from an aquaintance of mine who goes by "Dayne". It asked me if I was in the picture in the link it had. Being of curious nature, I clicked, and thus released the virus into my grandparents computer.

I didn't notice at first, until everyone on my AIM and MSN got pop-ups. And thus, I released the virus unto all people I knew, who in turn spread it to more, until the virus was everywhere.

Fortunetly, it wasn't to bad. I shut down my MSN and AIM so I wouldn't spread the virus anymore, and then all I had to worry about was several annoying pop-ups with an orc smoking a cigar.

I am sad to say I have not yet rid myself of the virus, as I have not been to my grandparents in awhile. I hope that I can return soon, and rid them of this problem before it gets worse.


I remeber The Plague. I got it from TV when I was talking with him about the Omega League RP thread. Probably got it when we were vollying voice messeges during one of the slower parts of the thread.

At first I didn't notice anything, occasionaly my pop-up blocker would let threw a pop-up or to on google and EGS Mayhem, but other than that, nothing. But after a few days, my internet connection got very slow. Not just mine, but my entire families. You see, we share a wireless router and somehow, the virus must have spred itself thru that.

My parents couldn't get their computers on, they had to wipe the hard drive. my sister, on the other hand, just lost her internet conection and all the music she had on her computer. I was lucky. the worst I got was not being able to open MSN at all untill I reinstalled it. Other than that, I just had to wait 5 minutes for a page to load. I'm not sure why, but I seemed to have got off easy, as I was able to rid myself of the virus by rebooting and using AVG Virus Scanner.

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