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  • Real Name: Nuh uh! Not giving that out. Just call me Tach.
  • Age: It isn't polite to ask a lady her age.
  • Birthday: February 7th
  • Gender: Born female, but switches back and forth depending on her current shape.
  • Background: Tacharan is a chaotic little shapeshifter who can't control her moods. The irony is her mood tends to dictate her shape and even though she can control her shape she can't control her moods. Some god or goddess really wanted to screw with her there.
  • EGS Forum Events: Tach has had a Strip Slay of herself done by Kalga to depict her rather loud and violent start in the EGS forum. [[1]]

She's also going to be a proud mother of a baby WalkerBoh is working at making. Durai and Cara, the two talking plushies played by Amon Star, are now owned by Tach.


  • 1 dozen cookies
  • 1 TF gun
  • 6 cans of unlabeled soda
  • 1 dead fish
  • 1 squirrel teddy
  • 1 Uryuom Work Suit
  • 1 Enchanted Diamond Katana
  • 1 color changing mood yo-yo
  • 1 weasel
  • 2 Uryuom egg shells minus the DNA to create a child
  • 1 improved ball of ekiness
  • 1 30-foot tall, animate, time travelling mood yoshi plushie
  • 1 plushie muffin
  • 1 yard stick with 3.14159... inches missing
  • 12 Monopoly Euro
  • 1 Soviet Cupcake
  • 1 Infinite Scroll of Doom-ish with pen
  • 1 dusklight

Kalga has given up trying to get her to stop hugging him, as he figured out it is pointless.

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