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Real Name: Eric (or) Matthew (first and middle, whichever you prefer)

Birthday: July 18, 1984

Likes: Green, EGS, Justin/Susan pairing, TLW, singing, turning all the lights off at home and dancing to electronica by candlelight, crossdressing, guys, girls, my shiny new TF gun (thanks!).

Dislikes: Being cold, missing people, being alone, loud noises, being awake during the day, not being able to transform IRL.



  • 1 TF Gun
  • 1 six pack of unlabeled soda
  • 1 squirrel teddy
  • 1 cookie wrapped in Nikolai's hair
  • 1 30' tall Kuriboh-colored, animate, time traveling yoshi plushie, told that I am it's master.
  • 1 plushie muffin. (Feed it to your plushie and it might take you time traveling!)
  • 1 yard stick with two yards missing.
  • 1 Monopoly yen.
  • 1 improved ball of Ekiness
  • 1 pair of shiny, bright, white-coloured sunglasses
  • 1 dusklight (flashlight, but creates shadow instead, likely through the use of destructive interference)
  • 1 yarnball of distraction
  • 1 set of markers
  • 1 yoyo
  • 1 Uryuom work suit
  • 1 Enchanted Diamond Katana
  • Infinite Scrolls of Doom-Ish
  • 1 Pen
  • 1 stolen cookie

Seyunolu Gear

  • 1 dead fish
  • 3 strands of Nikolai's hair. LIMITED TIME ONLY!
  • 1 fingernail from littlebeast
  • 1 adorable feline
  • X fingernails from Ganurath
  • 5 fingernails from Angel Tekisei
  • 1 claw of TheGreatYoshiRider
  • Several stray strands of hair from twilightdusk
  • Small vial of EkiEki saliva
  • Small vial of Cheez's blood
  • Small vial of blue 'liquid inspiration' (blood of the five muses) from Zerras
  • Hair of mind-controlled-bunny@_@ (@_@ swirly eyes may result)
  • Vial of Azerothian red dragon DNA
  • Vial of bluish-teal semi-fluid DNA sample from the Hunter tamuru
  • Hair sample of Atashi-Cloud's muse
  • 1 vial of Kalga's evil blood
  • 1 vial of Uryuom blood, compliments of mind-controlled-bunny@_@
  • 1 vial of Lespuko DNA
  • 1 vial of Tach's changeling blood.
  • 3 Uryuom eggs, compliments of Tach, Ganurath, and Cheez
  • Several hairs from Nikolai K.
  • 1 vial of quick-heal DNA
  • 1 vial of greep DNA

Slain Comics

Image:SlayContest1.JPG Image:Egs_stripslay_2A.jpg

Other Interests

  • RP (TT or LARP)
  • Literature
  • Music (any genre, there's redeeming value in all of them)
  • World Domination


  • To meet Dan at a con.
    • Maybe even beg him to teach me to draw.
    • Iffy, but maybe getting an EGS tattoo.
  • World Domination.
    • Finding the perfect hat for Supreme Overlord of Earth.
    • Creating a working TF gun. <Being fast-tracked via a demonic duck of some sort.>
  • Find true love.
  • Create a seyunolu

Plot Predictions

  • The mysterious figure in The Child Left Behind is...
  • Noah is a future love interest for Justin.
  • I think Diane and the student council guy (Matt, was it?) from North Moperville are going to get together. It might even last; SCG seeing Diane as a more approachable Susan, and Diane seeing SCG as a guy with a bit of money and a decent personality, it would certainly start off poorly, but I can actually see that working out as they get to know each other for who they are... (Which, before you say Diane wouldn't care too, she couldn't help it if she realized he was thinking of her as Susan. She'd wonder why he'd be so interested in Susan instead of her, and try to get inside his head and get him to focus more on her to make him buy her shiny objects. When this leads her to actually understanding him a bit, empathy is unavoidable for a normal person.)

Current RP

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